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10 major Emmerdale reveals for the upcoming week

Leyla’s association with drug dealers puts her in jeopardy on Emmerdale the next week.

Suzy is the object of retaliation in other scenes, and Billy and Dawn are at odds about Clemmie’s custody.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

1. Leyla consents to keep medicines

Callum, a drug dealer, shows up at Take A Vow and offers Leyla money in exchange for storing drugs. Knowing that she needs the money to organize Take A Vow’s finances, Leyla consents.

In the end, Callum brings far more than was originally planned, but he sweetens the deal by boosting Leyla’s payout.

2 Matty makes a mistaken assumption.


Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is using cocaine once more when she sees him in the village.

From a distance, Matty is seeing this exchange and misunderstands Suzy, thinking that she is the one arranging a heroin trade. His desire to exact revenge on Suzy grows stronger.

3. Suzy is the subject of retaliation

When Matty examines Take A Vow, he discovers Leyla’s big hold-all of drugs. He snatches the bag hastily and runs.

Matty maliciously places the narcotics in Suzy’s car the following day. A furious Matty contacts the police to denounce Suzy for drug possession following yet another altercation with her.

4. Leyla is threatened.

Callum is furious to discover that the pills are missing when he goes back to Take A Vow.

Callum cautions Leyla that if she doesn’t find the pills before the end of the day, he won’t be held accountable for his conduct.

5. Faith commits robbery.

Faith sets off on a journey to retrieve some possessions from Eileen, her former stepdaughter. She is received by Eileen’s partner Angus when she arrives at the residence, who sends her on her way.

The following day, Faith turns to Plan B and poses as a real estate photographer, giving her the chance to enter the home and obtain what she requires.

A box of memories that Faith has stolen back ultimately brings Chas, Cain, and Nate together, but will the law be able to catch up with her?

6. Dawn learns something about Clemmie.

After Clemmie left, Dawn is having trouble, which worries Will. Will advises Dawn to contact social services for an update on Clemmie in order to put her mind at ease.

Dawn later learns that Clemmie’s father, Alex, is also Lucas’s father. When she realizes that Alex must have been seeing Beth behind her back, she feels betrayed.

7. Billy decides against Clemmie.

After learning that Clemmie and Lucas are half-siblings, Dawn resolves that they should grow up together. Billy, it turns out, shares these sentiments and has already made contact with social services.

Social services advise Dawn and Billy that they would want Alex’s consent to foster Clemmie, so they pay him a visit in jail. After a challenging conversation, Alex seems to be on board with the concept, but does he have another reason?

8. Take A Vow is experiencing more drama.

When the unstable Leyla decides to let Priya go from Take A Vow, Priya is distraught.

When Lydia’s stress over organizing Kim’s wedding becomes unbearable, Will intervenes and asks Leyla if she’ll join the team once more.

9. Marlon battles fatigue

Marlon’s stag do is that night, and he gets tired and passes out at The Woolpack.

Paddy fears that his best friend is working too hard, but he has a solution in mind.

10.Mary gives a kiss Vanessa


Mary confides in Vanessa about her sexual orientation. Mary goes in for a kiss after mistaking Vanessa’s generosity for romantic interest.

Mary later decides it’s time to confide in Rhona once more.

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