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21 travel charts that are so clever

Make your trip fun, hassle-free.

Are you going abroad? This table shows you the type of power outlet you will encounter:

Here’s an incredibly efficient way to pack:

And this chart tells you how to fold a suit jacket in your suitcase so it doesn’t end up with about 1,001 folds:

Women travelers should check out this one – it lists the safest (Spain, Singapore, Ireland) and most dangerous (South Africa, Brazil, Russia) countries they can travel to:

The data here is a few years old, of course, but things probably haven’t changed much.

And LGBTQ people should check out this one – it rounds up the best (Canada, Netherlands, Sweden) and worst (Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia) countries to visit:

Don’t get scammed! Here are the tourism scams to avoid when traveling this summer (and yuck – I think I’d lose it immediately if someone did the baby thrown in with me scam):

Hey, with inflation money is tight – this chart documents the off seasons in popular countries so you can get better rates (and shorter lines):

And here’s a similar chart for the off-seasons of national parks in the United States:

I know you want to avoid the “ugly American” cliché when traveling, so here are some of the international etiquette rules you need to know:

If you go overseas, you will almost certainly be dealing with the metric system. Here’s a handy cheat sheet to get out of it:

OK, this one is for travelers to Japan only, but it thrilled the foodie in me so much that I had to share. Here are 42 types of ramen you will come across while eating in Japan:

I know you’ll need your morning cup of coffee wherever you go, so here’s how to order coffee (just the way you like it) in eight different languages:

Flying? Here’s how to make the experience much easier:

After reading the latter, do you feel arrogant and think you can tackle one of the longest non-stop flights in the world? Well, here they are:

And speaking of long flights, you’ll probably find this table VERY useful after leaving one:

Are you going on a road trip? Here are some things you’ll want to be sure to do ahead of time:

And if you’re going on a road trip, of course you’ll need to know where you can find the tallest roller coasters in each state, lol:

This one is a little basic, but still full of practical things to consider before you travel. Number six, in my experience, is particularly relevant:

Ugh, I hope you don’t need these tips for your trip, but if you do, you’ll be happy to read them:

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint abroad? Here are a few tips:

And finally, if you’re planning on traveling with your best furry friend, you MUST check this one out:

A nice journey to all of you !!!

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