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25 soap opera spoilers: Hollyoaks return, mystery woman in EastEnders, Emmerdale arrest, and Coronation Street shocking twist

So much is set to unfold

In soapland, another week full of drama is coming up; wait until you see what’s in store.

In Coronation Street, George Shuttleworth gets a surprise visitor, while Howie Danes’ secret is revealed in EastEnders.

Suzy Merton is in Emmerdale on a mission, but she may soon find herself in legal trouble for a crime she didn’t commit, and Sienna Blake from Hollyoaks had better be on the lookout.

Why? So, a ghost from her past has returned to haunt her.

Think of us as curious.

Next week is when it all begins, and as always, we have all the spoilers you’ll need to hold you over.

Coronation Street

Debbie gives Ryan the go-ahead to stage a break-in at the bistro so she can file an insurance claim. He blows the electrics, then tells Debbie the money is hidden in his bedroom. Leanne is appalled to find that all the money has vanished later. Ryan is to dial 911 as directed by Debbie.

Craig inquires about the break-in from Debbie, Leanne, Nick, and Ryan. According to Ed, the CCTV has a backup circuit and was not impacted by the power outage. Later, when Leanne, Nick, Debbie, and Ronnie rewatch the video, they find Ryan to be the culprit. Ryan is detained on theft-related charges.

Sally can’t quite believe what she’s found out

Tim is told to go to the “Casino Night” on his own after Sally finds out he has been browsing pornographic websites. He comes home to discover a note from Sally informing him that she has prepared the spare bed for him.

Ken approaches Wendy and extends a coffee invitation. In episode number one, Ken asks Wendy to share his lasagne and tells her that he understands how lonely it can be because he still misses Deirdre.

Aaron informs Summer that he would still like to take a vacation, but only if she seeks counseling and resolves her issues with body image.

Glenda shows up and quickly assumes control of the situation after spotting George dozing off in the back of the funeral car. George shows up as Glenda, Todd, and Sean are enjoying how smoothly the funeral went. He welcomes Glenda to Eileen and expresses how happy he is to see his sister.

Daniel spends the night at the Rovers, but when he awakens at three in the morning, he is shocked to see Leo standing there in a suit and boots. Daniel explains to Daisy that Leo is obviously keeping something from Jenny.


Ben asks Tez for drugs, but worried Sam overhears the conversation and tells Ben to calm down. Ben goes to a party in an effort to meet James, but as he starts using drugs more frequently, James sends him home. Ben calls Lexi and apologizes for being late for dinner, saying he’s on his way, but then he passes out.

Ben is quickly sought after, and when Kathy, Callum, and Jay locate him, they discover that he is not breathing. He is taken to the hospital by paramedics, but can they save him?

When Kheerat says he’s renting No. 41 and that he, Vinny, and Ash are all moving out, things get worse for Suki. Dotty is caught in the middle, but as Suki goes to new lengths to try to persuade her kids to stay, Dotty awkwardly assists with packing. As tensions rise, Kheerat deals Suki another blow by buying her out of the companies.

What are you hiding Howie?
  1. When Howie meets Delilah, she begs him to tell Kim his secret.

12 Sam is on edge as Phil ignores her calls and she orders a guilty Zack to keep the drugs a secret from anyone. Sam cautions Jonah that the drug dealing must stop, but Phil quickly confronts her and admits that he is fully knowledgeable about the drugs!

13.Ravi enters the Square and starts flirting with Stacey, which immediately enrages her. Phil notices Ravi as he converses with Sharon and gets an inspiration.

15/After recovering from the previous night, the Taylors turn their attention to Mia, who is disappointed that her family is unable to afford to take her to a theme park for her birthday. Finlay develops an idea after feeling bad about spending the money.


16.When Callum shows up at Take A Vow asking her to store drugs in exchange for money, Leyla is alarmed. When Leyla calls Callum to accept his job, she knows she has overstepped the mark as Take A Vow’s financial concerns increase. When Callum shows up the next day carrying a bag of drugs that is significantly larger than the one she had agreed to store, Leyla feels uneasy.

17.When Leyla terminates her from Take A Vow, Priya is shocked.

Matty is determined to take action where Suzy is concerned

18.Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still using drugs after being startled to see him in the village. While this is going on, Matty observes from a distance, convinced he has seen a drug transaction. Later, he searches Take A Vow covertly and discovers a sizable holdall filled with drugs. In an effort to force Suzy to take responsibility for her actions, he places the holdall containing the drugs in her vehicle before reporting the drugs to the police.

19.Faith tells Nate that she wants to return something to her step daughter’s house, but when the resident, a man named Angus, finds out who she is, he throws her out. To Cain and Nate’s horror, Faith decides to succeed by dressing up in a disguise, breaking into Angus’ house, and stealing his stolen bag.

20.When Dawn learns who Clemmie’s father is, she is astounded. Hello, Alex! To Dawn’s delight, Billy calls social services in the meantime to request custody of Clemmie on their behalf. However, Alex presents a problem because he won’t allow them to foster Clemmie.

21.Mary confides in Vanessa about her sexuality, but Mary misinterprets Vanessa’s kindness and leans in for a kiss.


22.Sienna assigns Damon the task of concealing information that could connect Joel to Warren’s disappearance, but Liberty catches him off guard and demands an explanation. Liberty succeeds in getting what she wants, but after hearing Damon’s shocking confession, she is at a loss for words. As a result, she heads straight for Sienna, only to find her engaged in a risky task as well. Before Liberty and Damon can decide to call the police, Sienna witnesses a ghost.

Prince and Romeo’s big day ends in a unique way
  1. When Zain mentions a real-life superhero known to his followers as “The King,” who finds missing people and brings them back to their families, Romeo and Prince pay close attention. However, finding the King himself proves to be a challenge, so Romeo asks Zain’s assistance in finding him as they host their impromptu soup kitchen. A surprise reunion soon follows.
  2. After learning that Lexi had been attempting to scare him away from going back to school, John Paul decides to give her another chance, but she isn’t as understanding. Later, when he runs into Nancy, she extends a hand of friendship, but he may find it too difficult to bear to face everything he has done.
  3. Zoe has a lot on her plate because she and Felix are still at odds and Pearl is concerned that she is avoiding Sam. Later, she realizes how much Sam likes her after a run-in with Dave, but things quickly turn awkward when she notices a bank transaction that could be fresh evidence in Maya’s homicide investigation.
  4. Leela believes that there is no hope left for her to sell her house, but Grace has a significant proposal for her, and Cindy has another intriguing offer.

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