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5 Android apps you can’t miss this week

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Welcome to the 440th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the headlines from the past week:

  • Diablo Immortal is gaining popularity. If you want to give the game a try, check out our tips and tricks guide for beginners. This should help you get through the first few hours and familiarize yourself with some of the game’s lingo.
  • Writer Dhruv Bhutani is an avid Plex user and isn’t happy with how the service’s features have evolved. According to Dhruv, the service is straying from its roots and offering plenty of extras that hardcore old-school Plex fans just don’t want. We asked our audience and many of them use Plex or have an interest in doing so. About 50% of our readers are happy with Plex as it is now, but that’s a bit less than we expected for the service. Click on the various links to consult them.
  • Netflix is ​​in a strange space. It’s received a lot of vitriol lately, but it still remains the number one streaming service in the world. We suspect that’s because it’s the legacy option and people are just comfortable with it. Plus, some shows like Stranger Things are actually pretty good. Still, it’s a curiosity when other streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu exist and people seem to be a lot less unhappy with them.
  • WhatsApp may soon add a new feature. The new feature lets you reveal (or hide) your online status. Other services have this feature and they have had it for a very long time. WhatsApp would play catch-up. Still, we found a few screenshots of the feature. There’s something similar at the moment, but the screenshot shows a second part that specifically lets you show your online status to specific people. Click on the link to find out more.
  • Google’s Pixel Pass is very promising. It gives you an upgrade path for your phone every two years, 200GB of Google One storage, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, and Google Play Pass. It’s honestly not a bad deal. Unfortunately, it’s not great to sign up for. People with existing accounts should close them before signing up. Additionally, those with family accounts do not have the option to share their accounts with family. Click the link for more, but hopefully Google will update Pixel Pass over time.


Price: Free

Woice screenshot

Woice is an interesting messaging app. It allows you to send voice messages to your friends or colleagues. It’s asynchronous, meaning it will send the message and they’ll see it when they check the app. Not only does it keep track of your conversations, but it also provides transcripts of your messages. This means that they will be able to read your messages and listen to them. We don’t know if this idea has anything to become a big thing and it seems mostly intended for professional use. However, it’s a good idea overall.

crown heroes

Price: free to play

Heroes of Crown is an idle mobile RPG with some gacha elements. It’s quite long, but it basically means that the game is capable of playing itself and all you have to do is make decisions. The game lets you battle monsters, bosses, and other baddies. It lets you grind in the background as an idle game so you can do the previous stuff without having to spend too much time manually grinding. The game also features a PvP mode, although that’s probably not the most fun thing about the game. The idle elements make you feel like you should be watching the game more than playing it, but it’s a decent casual experience. for those who don’t want to try too hard.


Price: Free / $7.99 per month / $79.99 per year

Capsll screenshot

Capsll is another type of application. He wants you to store memories of your life, but instead of sharing them publicly with everyone, everything is private until you decide to share them. The video that starts when you open the app is a nice touch. The user interface is quite decent and simple. You download items, organize them into memories, and then you can share those memories later. It means a kind of vault for the purpose of sharing content with your children or grandchildren and not with your random friends. The free version gives you 1 GB of storage and a few other things. The subscription allows you to select your loved ones so that your belongings can be transferred to them upon your death. It’s a bit expensive, but the idea is nice.

Black Tales

Price: free to play

Screenshot of Black Tales 2022

Tales Noir is another new gacha game with over 100 collectible characters to get. It is an open world game where players explore the game world and discover various things. Combat is a pretty basic hack-and-slash RPG. There is also a fantastic story to play. There are also other things to do in the game. The different princesses you summon have different abilities so you can spec your party as you mostly want. The voiceovers are a little dry and there are some early glitches, but that’s pretty typical for a newer game. He has a lot of potential.

Volume Screenshot

Volume is a news and discovery app. It takes a bunch of topics and makes them smaller so you can consume them quickly. Plus, the whole experience revolves around listening rather than reading. The app offers curated content based on an algorithm and editors so you can see what the app wants you to see. Time will tell if this is a good idea or not. You can check out different categories to learn new things, join communities, and see stats on what you’re consuming to understand why the algorithm chose what it chose. There’s nothing really wrong with that, so we hope the devs keep up the good work with this one.

If we missed any important Android app or game news, updates or releases, tell us about it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @ThatJoeHindy.
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