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7 dinner wrap recipes with chicken, beans, veggies and more

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There’s something inherently fun and casual about a hand-held meal, and wraps are no exception. Take them on the go in your lunchbox, wrap them in a nice basket to enjoy them outside or enjoy them while having a picnic in the living room in front of the television (for my little one, it’s the height luxury).

Another benefit of wraps is their versatility. You can put any type of filling in it, including meat, vegetables and spreads. For the outside, think pitas, lavash and tortillas. Below is an array of wrap recipes from our archives, which you can make as is or mix and match to create your ideal roll-up.

Greek Chicken Wrap, above. I’ve made this recipe a bunch of times, and it’s a winner. You’ll get the full take-out souvlaki vibe when you use a large, soft pita bread as a wrap.

Avocado and White Bean Salad Wraps. The base of this meatless meal is a simple white bean mash that uses canned or home-cooked beans. It’s a great wrap to slip into your lunch bag to take to the office.

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Mediterranean windmills. These kid-friendly windmills use just four ingredients: goat cheese or hummus, tortillas, roasted red peppers and dried dill. The wrap variant designed for adults adds mashed chickpeas and fresh herbs.

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Tortilla Egg Wraps. One of our most popular recipes of 2020 is a quick and clever wrap from Great British Baking Show winner Nadiya Hussain. It is assembled in a skillet and then rolled up before eating.

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Hummus wraps with grilled zucchini and dukkah. You’ll get a variety of crunchy, creamy, and crunchy textures in this vegetarian wrap featuring the Middle Eastern seed and spice blend known as dukkah.

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French dip wheels. Here’s a dish that balances elegance and relaxation, in which “thinly sliced ​​lean steak, garlicky mushrooms and fresh spinach are rolled in a whole-grain wrap,” says Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger. Bonus: it’s made in one pan.

Plantain wraps with tart black bean spread. Canned beans make another appearance, this time in a spicy spread accompanied by big fried plantains.

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