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A pet expert reveals 10 top tips for traveling with dogs

Taking your dog with you isn’t always something people are sure to do on summer vacation.

Finding dog-friendly accommodation and making sure your pet is happy can be stressful.

But it’s not impossible, and people do manage to get away with a dog in tow, especially in some UK beauty spots.

If you’re still not sure what to do, read on, because these tips shared with FEMAIL by John Smith, Pet Expert and founder of Yappy.com might make your life a little easier…

There are certain tips and tricks you can use to relieve your dog's stress during travel, ensuring your pet stays happy.

There are certain tips and tricks you can use to relieve your dog’s stress during travel, ensuring your pet stays happy.


John said: “Whether you’re staying in a hotel, apartment or even camping, having a first aid kit is a priority.

“Even some dog-friendly accommodations may not provide all the items you need to keep your dog healthy, so you should bring them with you.

“Create a list including tick repellents, bite repellents, bandages, alcohol swabs, safety pins, tongue depressors and more.”


“Always seek out your nearest veterinarian in case of illness and emergency,” the expert said.

John added: “Also consider taking travel sickness tablets suitable for dogs – you never know how your dog will react to the different types of transport you take and, just like humans, they might not feel too good during this trip!”


The expert said: ‘On some ferry routes dogs must be left inside the vehicles for the duration of the journey. If so, leave your car window open for ventilation.

‘Play soothing music to keep your dog calm and make sure he has toys to occupy him too!

“It can be a bit of a lonely trip, so plan those trips in advance,” John added.


John said: “Visiting the beach is a must do activity for most people on vacation and the dogs love it too!”

“Try to be careful when letting your dog swim because he can get bitten, drink or eat something that’s bad for his stomach or even sustain an injury on rocks or other sharp objects.”


“When looking for your outdoor accommodation, it’s important to consider how your dogs will feel and sleep.

“Make sure tents and caravans are well ventilated as they can often be five to ten degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

“It’s also a good idea to set up the tent at home to allow your dog to get used to new surroundings before embarking on your journey,” John said.


John said: “A long walk or hike with dogs can make for a great day!

“However, dogs have a completely different perspective to humans, so unfamiliar heights, routes and walks can be dangerous, especially at a cliff top or viewpoint. Keep dogs on a leash and bring plenty of food and water,” he added.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

1. Buy them treats

2. Play with them

3. Host a dance party

4. Brush your teeth

5. Do treasure hunts

6. Give him a job

7. Play hide and seek

8. Spend a day at the spa

9. Compliment them

10. Make it a dog-friendly popsicle

Source: Bark Post/Dr. Katy Nelson


“As a rule, vacations are a great time to explore new places, try new things, and enjoy adventurous activities.

“However, while it’s fun for humans, it might not be as good for your dog.”

“Try to incorporate some of your typical routine while you’re away; whether it’s similar walking times or the same diet, routine is absolutely necessary,” John said.


John said: ‘Before you go on holiday make sure you have your dog microchipped – it’s really important!

“While you’re away, also be sure to bring a leash or collar with your dog’s name on it, along with your vacation address, NOT your home address, and phone details where you can be easily reached at the foreign.

He said, “You don’t want to miss that call if your dog is lost and found!”


The expert said: “Having up-to-date vaccinations and records for your dogs is absolutely crucial!

“The rules vary from country to country, so be sure to double check each country’s rules before visiting as they may be different from those you have already visited.”


John said: “Dogs will love exploring new places with you, but packing for an extra person can add to pre-holiday stress.

“Make sure you pack extra food, water, toys, and materials because you never know when you’ll need them!” he added

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