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After cast members leave, Home and Away ties up two loose ends.

Following their recent departures from Summer Bay, Chloe Anderson and Bella Nixon’s stories on Home and Away have come to an end.

Last week, Chloe had her final appearance on Australian television when she left for New Zealand on the urging of the Parata family.

Tane decided it would be best for Chloe to leave for her own safety because the Paratas are currently being terrorized by a deadly biker gang.

The Paratas decided it would be better to leave everyone else out of it, so Chloe made a low-key exit without telling her boyfriend Theo Poulos about the issue.

This loose end was, however, tied up in Thursday’s triple episode airing on Channel 7 as Chloe was compelled to reject Theo in a challenging phone call.

Chloe’s continued absence from the Bay and her lack of communication had Theo baffled.

Chloe wasn’t visible on TV, but she spoke to Theo on the phone and confirmed that she wanted to end their relationship, which crushed him. When Theo learned that Chloe wouldn’t be coming back, he became sad.

Bella, meantime, has recently been single after Nikau Parata opted to end their relationship. Nikau believed that Bella needed to be protected since she had been preparing to travel back to Summer Bay from New York, much like Chloe had.

Thursday’s episode saw Dean Thompson inform his sister Mackenzie Booth that he’d been speaking to Bella on the phone and she had no plans to return.

This provides closure after Bella originally told her loved ones that she was only leaving for a few months in order to work with Emmett Ellison.

Courtney Miller left the role of Bella after a three-year stint.

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