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Alfie Moon interrupts Kat and Phil’s wedding to deliver devastating news, according to an EastEnders theory

Alfie Moon, a former Eastenders player, was seen attending Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell’s wedding, and an theory speculates that he might be carrying shocking information for his ex.

Images captured Alfie (played by Shane Richie) arriving at the church where his ex-wife Kat (Jessie Wallace) and adversary Phil (Steve McFadden) are scheduled to get married show him looking enraged. According to the images from the upcoming EastEnders drama, the wedding will be stopped or at least delayed, and history will repeat itself. Could he not reveal that he and Kat are still legally wed?

Pictures that reveal plot details from the BBC soap show show the actors shooting the shocking episode.

When Kat recognizes her ex-husband, she appears startled. Later, they appear to be having a heart-to-heart in a van.

Another photo shows Kat in her wedding dress covered in mud, and another shows Phil sitting outside the church looking perplexed.

As Phil pauses the ceremony and stands outside with a crowd of guests, including son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), and Lola Pearce, it appears that he will have to wait anxiously (Danielle Harold)

EastEnders: Will Alfie drop some devastating news?
Alfie will return on Kat and Phil’s wedding day in EastEnders.

Since his marriage to Kat ended in early 2019, Alfie hasn’t appeared in any episodes of the soap opera.

When Alfie arrived in Walford in 2002, the two fell in love, and throughout their numerous appearances on the soap opera, they experienced extreme highs and lows.

When Alfie didn’t return after leaving three years prior and Kat moved on with the Square’s gangster, Phil, it appeared as though everything was officially over.

It’s unclear what will occur on the wedding day, but it’s clear that nothing will go as planned.

Will the EastEnders wedding be ruined?
How will Kat respond to Alfie’s return in EastEnders?

Alfie might confirm that he is still married to Kat.

It’s possible that Alfie didn’t handle his fair share of the divorce paperwork but pretended he had, which led Kat to believe she was good to go with her marriage to Phil despite the misunderstanding.

Loyal soap opera viewers will recall that Alfie did, in fact, crash Kat’s wedding once before, back in 2003.

When she was about to wed EastEnders villain Andy Hunter, he confessed his love to her (Michael Higgs).

Back then, things went well for him, but will history repeat itself this time around, or will Kat be adamant about sticking with Phil?

Though it’s possible that the wedding won’t go ahead, Kat and Phil might still be together.

Insider verification: “At the wedding, Alfie shows up unexpectedly and causes havoc.

When Kat notices him, she enters the van despite the fact that it is filthy.

They added, in remarks made to Daily Star on Sunday: “It implies that her wedding gown will be completely destroyed.

“In every way, things become a mess. Phil appears to be going unsupported on his wedding day.”

Letitia Dean, who plays Phil’s ex-girlfriend Sharon Watts, is also visible in the images and can be seen briefly speaking to Alfie.

Viewers saw how Phil and Sharon were getting ready to get back together weeks ago after she was devastated when she believed he had been killed in prison.

Could the wedding’s chaos cause this shocking information to be revealed?


The two ex-spouses might work together because they feel they belong with them to separate Kat and Phil.


Will the entire thing be called off given the potential rumors that they are still married and the potential for Phil and Sharon’s personal information to leak?


Maybe while they are talking, Sharon will tell Alfie about the recent kiss she and Phil had, and Alfie, eager to avert the wedding, will tell Kat everything.

It appears likely that Phil and Kat might end up breaking up because of their ex-spouses if the wedding fails.

Will Sharon and Phil be able to get back together if Kat and Alfie reconcile? Or will an enraged Phil seek retribution?

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