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AMD Radeon 7000 RDNA 3 GPU set to release in October

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Greymon55 on Twitter has rumored the release date of the next generation AMD cards. With the expected launch of AMD Radeon 7000 RDNA 3 graphics cards in late October and no later than mid-November. With the news coming from a reliable source, we can expect it to be mostly true.

With the launch of AMD’s new AM5 platform slated to launch in fall 2022, there will be a plethora of new options to choose from. Moving from LGA to PGA with DDR5 will deliver much faster speeds. Along with rumors that using PCIe Gen 5 will double the available bandwidth for newer GPUs. Along with lower TBPs, we can expect good performance against other options that are expected to be released.

AMD Radeon 7000 RDNA 3 Specifications

Radeon 7000 RDNA 3 card specs are also speculated and leaked. We expect the high-end Navi 31 chip to launch first with the RX 7900 XT. Who should use TSMC 5nm and 6nm processes with its chip design. With 96 compute units expected clocked around 3 GHz. With a whopping 24 GB of GDDR6 on a 384-bit bus clocked at 18 Gbps. With an expected FP32 performance of 73 TFLOPS.

While Navi 32 is also expected with TSMC 5nm and 6nm processes. With 64 compute units with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. On a 256-bit bus clocked at 18 Gbps. The Navi 33 option is much cheaper with the 6nm TSMC chip with 32 compute units. With 8 GB of GDDR6 on a 128-bit bus clocked at 18 Gbps.

Next-gen graphics card release dates

Several releases are expected throughout the year, not just AMD. With new graphics cards expected by big players and the introduction of a new competitor.


We know about AMD Radeon 7000 RDNA 3 GPUs from October to November, but also its new processors and platforms launching between September and October.


Of course, we also expect Nvidia to launch its next generation RTX 4000 Ada GPU. The RTX 4090 is expected to launch between September and October. Then the RTX 4080 is expected between October and November. With lower-end options, the RTX 4070 will potentially arrive between November and December. And the RTX 4060 is expected in January 2023.


The new entrant on the market is Intel with the Arc Alchemist range. Now expected late summer after multiple delays. New processors are also expected from it with Raptor Lake which should be launched between September and October.

Intel ARC Alchemist GPU

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