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Amelia informs Charity that Noah is getting released from prison in this Emmerdale spoiler video.

For a few weeks now, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) has been paying Noah (Jack Downham) covert visits while he is imprisoned in Emmerdale. Given that he had sent Gabby the visiting order, he was initially taken aback by her presence (Rosie Bentham). Amelia was so determined to see Noah that she exploited the visiting order and Gabby’s ID to enter the prison.

As the visits have continued, Noah has shown regret for his earlier rude behavior toward Amelia, and a small friendship appears to be developing. Noah has also promised to support Amelia once he is out from prison in a few days.

Given that she recently learned she is pregnant, Amelia really needs a friend. We naturally question if Noah could be the father despite the fact that she hasn’t told anybody yet, not even Noah during her visits to the prison.

Which takes us to Charity, Noah’s mother (Emma Atkins), who is heard informing Amelia in this spoiler video that she is well aware of her visits to the prison.

Charity is interested in learning all the specifics of what is happening between Amelia and Noah, but Amelia objects, saying, “We’re just friends, that’s all.”

All that work just for a partner? Charity answers that Noah didn’t want her to come visit and that’s why she’s sad.

Amelia responds by explaining that Charity wants to know everything about how her son is doing and that he has enrolled in an electricians’ school. The huge surprise is that he will be released in a few days. “Am I the last person here to know everything?” Charity declares, then storms off.

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