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Amelia Spencer is not pregnant, according to an alarming diagnosis in Emmerdale

Young Amelia Spencer of EMMERDALE has seen recent scenes on the ITV drama have her world turned upside down, but after a hint in Friday night’s episode, a fresh speculation by says she may be ready to learn some sad news.

When the doctors informed Amelia (played by Daisy Campbell) that she was expecting, she learned she was pregnant during Thursday night’s episode of Emmerdale. This occurred as her uncle Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) demanded that his niece be examined after falling and experiencing dizziness for several weeks. However, the schoolgirl might not have slept with anyone in the ITV soap opera, so perhaps the medical professionals were mistaken.

The opening scene of Friday’s edition of the weekly drama series featured Amelia alone in the chapel listening to Dan’s call.

The mechanic wanted to make sure the child was okay after learning this week that she had been taking weight-gaining syrup and not telling her uncle where she was going.

Amelia kept declining her uncle’s calls because she believed she needed some alone time and that she should speak to God.

She said, “I realize what I did was wrong, I should have never lied to Gabby,” making reference to how she attempted to deflect responsibility for firing Thomas Tate (Bertie Brotherton) after her most recent breakdown.

She continued as she sobbed inconsolably at the thought of having children: “I swear I won’t lie once again. whatever horrible things may turn out to be.”

Amelia Spencer is not pregnant, according to an alarming diagnosis in Emmerdale
Amelia Spencer was informed that she is pregnant in Emmerdale.

But why did you feel the need to conceive me? Amelia inquired of God, implying that she believed she was becoming into the next Virgin Mary.

She questioned, “Are you testing me?” before revealing a letter that included yet another visiting order to see Noah Dingle (Jack Downham).

Before standing up and leaving the church, she said, “I just know, somehow, I’m going to have to speak the truth.”

After this moment, she attempted to announce her pregnancy to Noah and Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), but she was unable to bring herself to do so.

Given that Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) informed Amelia that she and her family were in danger, it appears she will need to keep this a secret for as long as she can ” being forced to leave their house.

Amelia Spencer questioned God as to why he had caused her to get pregnant in Emmerdale.

However, if Amelia hasn’t had any sexual activity and believes that this pregnancy is a sign from God, this can be a sign that something else is going on.

A woman may occasionally exhibit the signs and symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.

This might be the case because a scan would be necessary before the doctors could determine whether the young patient has cancer.

The doctors might start to suspect there is no child present when she begins her first examination of the infant.

They could identify the girl as having ovarian cancer after doing some further tests on her.

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Amelia Spencer felt unable to disclose her pregnancy to anyone.

As she realizes she will require the assistance and support of her loved ones, this might turn her world upside down once more.

She would reveal that this was actually the cancer presenting itself after telling them all that it was thought she was pregnant.

Dan would be devastated since he understands how difficult the upcoming months of his niece’s therapy will be for her.

He would assure her that he would be by her side at every turn since he did not want her to face this situation alone.

Amelia dropped Thomas, leaving Gabby on their backs. She could be surprised to find what truly caused the child to pass out.

Gabby would back off to let Amelia and her family have some alone time because she felt bad for putting them under so much stress at this time.

Amelia wouldn’t return to the hospital for a few weeks to find out how far along the ovarian cancer is, though.

After receiving a diagnosis, she can be informed that the disease is quite advanced and that the only thing they can do for her is to make it less uncomfortable.

She and Dan would both be horrified to learn about her prognosis, and the young girl would question if therapy could have begun earlier when she first shown symptoms.


The show’s executive producer, Jane Hudson, stated that the younger actors would be tackling more somber tales this season.

She remarked in an interview with and other media: “We need to have storylines for everyone, in my opinion, for the sake of the show.

“Our audience range, which ranges from teens all the way up to 90 plus, distinguishes soap operas from many other shows. We have a lot of viewers to please.

“You’ll be seeing characters like Noah, Amelia, Samson, Archie, Cathy, and Sarah much more frequently this year.

“because they address issues that are relevant to their generation and we get to observe how they respond.

Will this include Amelia’s cancer story? Jane continued, “It’s so vital that we keep our young people coming through because they are our next generation.”

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