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Ash Palmisciano, a star of Emmerdale, reveals the real cause behind Matty’s vengeance against Suzy.

Emmerdale’s Ash Palmisciano has said that Matty intends to exact retribution after learning that Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) was responsible for his sister’s death.

According to the Emmerdale actor, “Matty is growing more and more frustrated as Suzy is living her life in the village, loving life with Vanessa, and having fun, almost flaunting it in front of his face.”

“He wants to stop her from doing what she did to his sister in the village again.”

Before calling the police, Ash had assured Matty that he will discover a stash of cocaine that he planted in Suzy’s car.

He said, “He’s been waiting for this chance, and he observes what he believes to be a drug trade between Suzy and a guy named Callum. Matty thinks now is the time to pounce since she obviously has drugs on her; if he can steal them and prove to everyone who he is, he can get his”Revenge,” he said..”

As Ash talked about the remorse his character feels, it became apparent that Matty’s thirst for vengeance has an underlying cause.

He told us, “He feels like he was too focused on himself at the time Holly was getting into drugs, so what’s coming up and what the viewers are going to see; he has internalized a lot of guilt and ignored it for all this time, and now it’s all pouring out.”

He is filled with a variety of emotions, including hatred and resentment toward Suzy. He is also projecting all of his guilt and responsibility onto her and making it his duty to take action.

In addition to seeking revenge on his sister, he also wants her to do time in prison for what she has done to the other alleged victims of her alleged spell. Suzy, in his opinion, is bad and exploits Leyla together with him. Because of what she did, he wants her to do time in prison, but he also wants to deal with his pain and guilt so he won’t feel awful about not being there for Holly.

It is obvious that Matty would do all it takes to destroy Suzy, but will everything go according to plan?

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