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Biden’s limitless border babble

Among the too many ways President Joe Biden’s performance totally contradicts his words, border control stands out.

He set another record in May as encounters with migrants were reported grew to an astonishing 239,416 — the highest total ever recorded over a month, even more than the record set in April, which beat March and so on.

That brings the total number of encounters in the 16 months of the Biden era to more than 3.5 million, and that doesn’t include migrants who evaded detection.

Going down, the picture is even worse. Some 42% of the May tide was returned under the Title 42 provisions that Biden wants to throw out, and whose use he has already curtailed.

Around a quarter of them have had previous contact with the Border Patrol in the past 12 months, meaning the message is getting through: if at first you don’t make it. . . you will end up doing it.

Seasonal variations aside, the trend hasn’t let up one bit since Biden took office, despite his repeated insistence throughout that he control the border.

He offered more empty promises in his so-called “Los Angeles Declaration” closing last week’s Summit of the Americas, with hot air on transforming “the American approach to managing migration in the Americas” while securing our borders.

President Biden promised last week to transform
President Biden promised last week to transform “the country’s approach to managing migration in the Americas.”
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The president tapped on it literally since his first days in office, when he overturned a major executive order by Donald Trump tightening border security while swearing that “the policy of my administration” was to maintain border security. Numbers each month since show that it is a lie.

And the horrific increase in the number of children detained at the border proves that politics is as remote as it gets human — another Biden buzzword around immigration.

Human traffickers enjoy a field day. Fentanyl is circulating freely in our cities and killing teenagers. The humiliation suffered by Biden at the Summit of the Americas, where several leaders either refused to show or demanded concessions before coming, is clearly linked to his abject clumsiness here.

Biden real policy keeps the border wide open. Until that changes, its humanitarian and security crisis continues to beat its own ugly records.

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