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Billy Fletcher departs in Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary special as his death is hinted at

Billy Fletcher, the center of attention in Emmerdale, is a very different person from the one who appeared on the ITV soap opera in 2018, but a new speculation from says that his time on the show may be coming to an end.

The Emmerdale villain Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) attempted to assassinate Billy (played by Jay Kontzle) on his wedding day to Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), and Billy was also the subject of a racially motivated attack during the course of the preceding year. He and his wife have been attempting to foster newbie Clemmie (Mabel Addison) in recent episodes on the ITV soap opera but have been unsuccessful since they want to grow their family.However, with the show’s 50th anniversary just a few months away, rumors about the heartthrob leaving the hamlet in a bodybag could begin to circulate.

Bosses are currently staying quiet about what the village may expect this fall as they mark half a decade on screen.

However, some of the show’s stars have been dropping teasers in an effort to make viewers excited about what’s to come.

One of these stars Billy’s actor Jay because it appears that the explosive anniversary tales may revolve around him.

However, he appeared to be referring to his time on the weeknight serial drama in the past tense as he talked about the future of his character.

The performer clarified: “It is going to be amazing. I can only promise a rollercoaster ride. I enjoy working there and have enjoyed taking part in events like Super Soap Week.”

The plots are usually so diverse, and I’ve had some amazing ones, Jay continued before mentioning how there might be at least one death imminent.

“My character appears to be around death a lot, which is a bit morbid, but I enjoy those high-stakes sequences,” the actor continued.

People may not be aware of the fact that we film nine to eleven sequences per day, which can be taxing, but we manage to pull it off as a team, he told OK! Magazine.

His good fortune might run out in the 50th-anniversary special, which will air in the middle of October, after a couple recent close calls with death.

Meena might be able to defeat him because it has been suggested she might appear in the milestone episodes of the show.

When Billy broke up with her and rekindled his relationship with Dawn at the end of last year, Meena was immensely envious and tried to entice him back by pretending to be pregnant.

A few weeks later, as her falsehoods began to fall apart and her true colors were exposed, Billy cut all ties with her.

He made the decision to propose to Dawn after the villain was purportedly removed from his life. On Valentine’s Day, they were married.

However, his ex-girlfriend visited the area that very day and held him and his wife at gunpoint on a viaduct.

Although neither of them were hurt, the ordeal she subjected them through has traumatized them.

Meena was finally apprehended in April of this year and given a 75-year prison term for the crimes she committed in the community.

Although viewers might have believed this was the last they would see of her, she might have been plotting her escape throughout the months she was off-screen.

She may have succeeded in executing her plan by the time October rolls around since she plans to get revenge on those she was unable to kill.

Billy and Dawn might be the first people on her hit list because they prevented her from finally finding happiness.

Will Billy, who will fight to the very end to protect his wife, take the fall for Dawn so she may take care of their kids?

After they were introduced on Christmas Day in 2018, if he were to leave, this would put an end to almost four years of drama for Billy and actor Jay.

Billy is the stepson of Al Chapman, the half-brother of Ellis Chapman (Aaron Anthony), and the son of Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) (Michael Wildman).

Regarding his long-term intentions to continue appearing on the show, Jay stated back in 2020: “It’s been a brilliant experience for me, and it’s absolutely lived up to my expectations.

“Emmerdale is the only soap that has ever caught my attention. The stories, the performers, the setting, and the overall strength of the program make it the most similar thing to a TV drama in my opinion.

Inside Soap asked him about the depths to which his character would go to defend Dawn, and he responded, “He would put his own life on the line for her.”

For the show’s 50th anniversary, executive producer Jane Hudson had hinted at a whole month of drama, but she was mum about a death.

We’re going to be celebrating our 50th anniversary with a golden month of festivities, the soap’s executive producer told and other media.

There will be astounding feats, additional heartbreaks, revelations of secrets, and lies. It will be an unending gift and a celebration that nobody wants to end.

“We’ll pull off a major feat. We’re known for epic stunts, so there will be one. But the most beloved characters from our show will ultimately be put to the test in some significant emotional tales.

“For us, it’s crucial that whatever happens on the 50th has a significant impact. We’ll keep going like this until 2023.”

Could this be an allusion to Billy’s leaving plot?


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