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Bush airport passengers walk out and walk as construction creates hour-long weekend delays

Terminal E of the airport, dedicated to international travel, is being renovated to extend and sustain its capacity. Construction has been underway since early 2022 and sustained traffic is not far behind. Travelers complained on social media about the conditions last weekend, with a Twitter user showing that travelers resorted to walking along congested airport roads to reach the terminal.

Twitter user James Ness later said it took him almost three hours to get from the airport entrance to the terminal.

It does not appear to be the first time that passengers have resorted to walking.

When asked for a statement, Houston Airport System (HAS) spokesperson Augusto Bernal pointed to a travel alert posted on the system’s website. The alert asks travelers to arrive at the airport an hour earlier, especially if your flight is scheduled between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. It also invites anyone planning to park at the airport to reserve a space in advance. Anyone picking up travelers is asked to wait in the cell phone parking lot.

Despite these warnings, traffic continues to pile up every weekend.

Later this month, an additional lane will open at the terminal, allowing some traffic flow. But the congestion is far from over, with the terminal’s reconstruction expected to last until 2024.

On Monday, the city released this video detailing the work done so far and what lies ahead. More details on the work can be found here.

The expansion will include additional international gates, upgraded counters and new arrivals halls. HAS says this will help the airport with expected growth in the future.

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