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Chinese man files for divorce from wife of 16 years after learning his 3 daughters are not his biological children

After a paternity test reveals his three daughters were not his biological children, a 45-year-old Chinese man files for divorce from his wife of 16 years.

The man, surnamed Chen, from eastern China’s Jiangxi province, began to suspect his wife, surnamed Yu, last year. While Chen worked in another city to support his family, he and his wife initially called regularly until she started avoiding him and explained that she wanted to work away from home, the South China Morning Post reported.

On March 1, Chen managed to track Yu to a hotel in eastern China where he saw his wife dating another man. Although he forgave her, he later decided to take a paternity test and discovered that none of the three girls he raised were his biological children.

“None of them [are] my own child,” Chen told Jiangxi Radio and TV Station.

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After the reveal, Yu disappeared and is now nowhere to be found. Chen contacted local media to ask for help in finding his wife. A TV station managed to contact Yu by phone, and when asked about the situation, she replied that she had not cheated on her husband and that biological paternity was not important. Yu also criticized her husband for filing for divorce.

“Infertile couples adopt children all the time,” Yu told the outlet. “Please try to empathize with me. The three kids called him ‘dad’ for many years, but now he says the girls aren’t his. What’s the difference between him and an animal?

A lawyer, surnamed Yu, told Jiangxi Radio and TV Station that Chen is fully capable of divorcing Yu if he feels his actions “have seriously damaged their relationship”.

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“When he files for divorce, not only would the law encourage him to ask his wife to reimburse him for child support and other expenses he paid for the three children, but he could also seek damages for suffering psychological,” Yu told the news outlet.

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