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Chinese rock star Zheng Jun charged with child abuse after posting about son’s 1,000 bowing punishment


Chinese rock star Zheng Jun has received backlash online after revealing he punished his 11-year-old son by making him bow down 1,000 times for lying.

The Beijing-based singer posted on Weibo of his son’s punishment on Sunday. He ordered him to bow down 1,000 times after catching him lying.

His son, named Jagger, then asked him if he could choose another form of punishment after performing 200 prostrations.

“I said ‘I give you a beating? Or [you can] sit cross-legged [on the floor] for an hour in exchange for 500 prostrations? [Jagger] says he would choose to sit cross-legged, at least [he] can learn something [from it]”, June would have wrote.

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After being in the awkward yoga position for 10 minutes, the young boy cried out and promised not to lie again. However, his plea to be spared was ignored by the singer as he continued to videotape the punishment.

The post went viral, with viewers accusing Jun of child abuse, leading the singer to edit his social media post and advise parents not to follow his punishment. He claimed that he and his son had practiced sitting cross-legged and that Jagger “could do it easily for half an hour”.

“The boy is young. Excessive punishment will not yield positive results,” one Weibo user commented.

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“I hope you understand that in order to teach your child not to lie, you need to be patient and understand why he lied, instead of just resorting to punishment,” another wrote.

After deleting his original post, the singer wrote a new post claiming the prostration he ordered his son to do was a “simple and effective” yoga move similar to a ritual in Tibetan Buddhism.

“Sitting cross-legged is a good way to cultivate children’s concentration,” Jun reportedly wrote. “My son and I bow together every morning and often sit cross-legged in the evenings.”

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“I never beat my child,” he added. “I never asked my child to fulfill any of my dreams. I just hope he grows up to be an honest, kind, strong and brave person.

“You don’t have to worry about what the public thinks,” wrote one user who sided with the singer, according to South China Morning Post. “I have a daughter and I beat her whenever I thought it was necessary. Now there is no more problem with it. Children don’t hold grudges as long as you make your intentions clear to them.

Zheng Jun is a rock singer-songwriter who won the MTV International Viewer’s Choice Award for his song “1/3 Dream” in 2002. He recorded a Chinese language version of Coldplay’s song “Yellow”, which was sung by Katherin Ho and included in the soundtrack of the 2018 film “Crazy Rich Asians”. Jun and his son have already gained popularity with fans after appearing in the Chinese variety show “Dad Is Back” in 2015.

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Featured image via Jun Zheng (left); Goode White (right)