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Coronation Street viewers ‘figure out’ Maria’s stalker in unexpected twist

The ITV soap character, played by Samia Longchambon, has been the victim of trolling for weeks The ITV soap character, played by Samia Longchambon, has been the victim of trolling for weeks Fans of Coronation Street believe they have identified Maria Windass’ stalker, and the councillor would be in for a major shock. After taking a stand and elevating environmental concerns to the top of the agenda in Weatherfield, Samia Longchambon’s character from an ITV soap opera has been the target of trolls for weeks. Maria, however, realized earlier this month that her choice to alter the local recycling pickups had unanticipated implications. In order to ensure that recycling and environmental concerns are top priorities for the neighborhood, she made the decision to introduce additional bins and new collections.
However, as a result of her choices, the recycling collectors went on strike due to the increased workload. Since then, Maria has done what she can to correct the wrongs, but after being door-stepped, she became the subject of an internet video in which her words were fragmented and set to a rap beat. But this was only the beginning, as she subsequently discovered with horror that a video had been posted online in which Maria’s head was placed on a naked woman to make it appear as though she were in a pornographic movie. Additionally, she has been the target of death threats, and the police haven’t done anything to assist. She has been constantly living in fear of what might occur next, and on Wednesday night (July 13), while traveling to Weatherfield, she found a tracker had been hidden in her purse after attending a council meeting. Before that, a man who approached her and seemed to work for environmental health complimented her on “her” film, which left her feeling uneasy.Later, she discovered that a third-party device was traveling with her and tracking her location via a notification on her phone. When Maria was searching through her luggage in the street for the tracker, she was frightened by an approaching figure and grabbed a can of hairspray, only to discover that she had accidentally sprayed a worried George Shuttleworth.
George joined her to the café where she eventually discovered the tracker as Nina Lucas described how the device is frequently mishandled despite its intended use of helping people locate lost items like keys. The police officer at the police station told her they couldn’t help because that kind of tracker wasn’t unlawful after she destroyed the contraption.She made an effort to put on a brave face for her family, which included her son Liam. However, viewers saw her calling his school to let them know he wouldn’t be in the following day due to a stomach bug. However, moments later, a beaming Liam came back through the door with Kelly, Gary, and a stack of pizzas.
The identity of Maria’s stalker has left Corrie viewers perplexed, and some have come up with the startling suggestion that it could be someone in their own neighborhood. Tweeted @photographycpb: “Who else believes it to be Kelly? She may be aware that Gary and Maria played a role in her father’s passing, and this is their way of getting even.”