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Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Guide – Cuphead Wiki Guide

There is a secret boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC. Use this guide to learn how to defeat this special DLC boss and claim your prize. Note that as a secret boss, it must be unlocked to find it. This can be done by solving the graveyard puzzle.


After tapping all three tombstones in the correct order to complete the graveyard puzzle, the middle tombstone will start emitting light. Interact with him to jump into the secret boss.

You do not need to have the Shattered Relic equipped to do this puzzle. You only need to have purchased it to interact with the tombstones.

How to defeat the secret boss in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead’s secret DLC boss has a unique gadget compared to all the others in the game. You will start a battle against an angel and a devil walking to the right, but they will change their appearance as soon as you move to the left.

Thing is, the direction your character is facing will change which boss is the devil – the only character that will take damage. The one who is an angel will be invulnerable but he will not inflict any damage on you as long as he remains in this state.

However, you can see that it will continuously launch projectiles – they look transparent. These will turn hostile as soon as you change direction, so beware of doing so while near these balls.


Enemies can throw two to five balls in a row. You can check their head movement to tell when they’ll throw at you, but it’s pretty quick and hard to notice, so you should avoid trying to predict when the projectiles will end.

This fight would be a lot easier if that was it, but naturally things are going to get complicated pretty quickly. Both the angel and the devil figure can summon a shine who will cross the arena, from side to side (depending on who summoned him).

As long as the angel casts these rays, you won’t have any problem because they won’t do any harm, but the devil will cast them from time to time as well. This will force you to move in the opposite direction, at least for a few seconds, in order to avoid the hostile beam turning it into a friendly beam.

It is important that you quickly check your environment and spot any projectiles around, whether transparent or already hostile, before changing direction. It’s quite easy to get hit while distracted by the beam.

Last but not least, there will be a cloud floating around throughout the fight. You will have to jump over or dash (with invulnerability) under it from time to time as there will always be lighting below.

You can equip the charm Smoke dash with Cuphead or Mugman to get through this and all the other projectiles in this battle. The next best option is to play as Ms Chalice and use his invincible ground roll, but keep in mind that it doesn’t work in the air.


Even though the cloud seems like an added nuisance at first glance, it can actually be one of the best tools you can use during combat. While on it, you’ll be transported from side to side of the stage, missing a lot of projectiles on your way without even doing anything.

Sure, there will be bullets hitting you if you don’t move, and you’ll still have to face the beam, but the cloud will save you from most hazards and leave you in a good spot to shoot one of the two. The figures. Use it while watching out for incoming projectiles and you’ll nail the boss fight ASAP.

Once you defeat the secret boss, your Shattered Relic will turn into cursed relic. This item, while equipped, will only cause you to have a life during battles and also change your weapon randomly every few seconds. Definitely a reward for those who want to go through all the bosses in the game and take on an extra challenge.

Cursed Relic also unlocks new songs as long as it is equipped. You will be able to hear more spooky tunes as you play.

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