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CyberpowerPC Infinity X125 RTX Gaming PC

This isn’t the first Alder Lake gaming PC we’ve reviewed this year, but the ones before it have all been very, very expensive. If you’ve got the budget to stretch out to a high-end system that sings and dances, then you’ll be spoiled for choice, with the Velocity Micro Raptor X55. (opens in a new tab)Corsair One i300 (opens in a new tab)and Origin 5000T Millenium (opens in a new tab) all being good machines if you have $5,000 burning a hole in your back pocket. Which frankly, few of us have.

It’s time for something completely different: a budget Alder Lake computer. While previous machines we’ve reviewed focused on 4K gaming and featured the top of Intel’s 12th-gen stack, here Cyberpower is more concerned with 1080p gaming and hits a much more reasonable price point.

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