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Does running make you grow taller?

Does running make you grow taller? This is a question you may have thought about when you started exercising regularly. It’s a myth. But, like all good stories, there is some truth. We know that running benefits your heart and spine, in addition to weight loss, which can contribute to better posture. This is why some regular runners may appear slimmer and longer.

If you’re looking to look taller by getting leaner and improving your posture, running is a great exercise for that. All you need is comfortable-to-wear exercise equipment and a pair of running shoes – while running through our best running watch (opens in a new tab) guide is a great way to track your workouts in more detail. We’ve highlighted some of the science below and consulted with industry experts to learn more about the relationship between running, height and posture.

How does running influence your posture?

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Running has been shown to improve posture in your lifetime. As we age, we tend to slouch as our bones weaken and our muscles contract, and running can help delay or prevent this.

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