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EastEnders theory: Lola Pearce becomes pregnant after a night of intoxication with Jay

Couple Jay Brown and Honey Mitchell from Eastenders appear to be going through a rough patch as the effects of their age difference are beginning to show in their marriage. An idea considers what would occur if Lola becomes pregnant as he will be charged with infidelity with Lola Pearce in subsequent episodes.

Lola (played by Danielle Harold) and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) have always been great friends, but official EastEnders spoilers reveal their closeness may get them into difficulty the following week when Honey (Emma Barton) has cause to suspect Jay of cheating on her with a friend. The two say the incident was just a miscommunication, but could they be telling the truth? If Lola finds out she’s pregnant, it’s probable the truth will be revealed.

According to BBC soap opera spoilers, Honey is disappointed to find a drunk Jay entering the café and making preparations for a second night out with Lola and Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis).

Later at Peggy’s, an inebriated Jay impersonates Lola’s lover in an effort to appease a man.

Despite the fact that this seems innocent enough, it’s feasible that the two will pursue further.

When Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) notices the couple leaving together, she grows suspicious.

The following day, Jay’s drunken actions are mocked by Lola and Jay.

They make light of the fact that he was her “boyfriend” the night before without realizing that Lola’s daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) overheard them.

Lexi will probably spread the rumor that her mother has a new boyfriend, which will be problematic for the couple.

Later, the two are compelled to explain the mistake to Honey, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), and Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips). Will Honey accept their explanations?

Whether she does or not, it is plausible to suppose that the two could be telling the truth.

In their inebriated state, Jay and Lola may have left the club to spend the night together because they have a history.

In the episode airing on Thursday, Jay’s behavior annoyed Honey after he had a good day out with Lola and Frankie.

Additionally, the females had been making fun of his connection with Honey, who is a lot older than he is.

Although they have had a great relationship for many years, it seems that the couple’s differences are starting to become apparent. Jay still likes to let his hair down and act irresponsibly, while Honey, a mother of two, prefers a tranquil existence.

On Thursday, Honey had first consented to go with Jay, but she subsequently excused herself, saying she was too exhausted, and advised him to spend the evening with his friends instead.

Jay arrived at the club by himself, and when Lola and Frankie inquired as to where Honey was, he responded, “She’s weary, she’s had a long day.”

He’s going out with a pensioner, Frankie jokingly informed her buddy while intoxicated.

Jay chuckled at the remarks but appeared to be unsure about their connection.

In the meantime, Honey kept contacting Jay all night long to ask when he would return.

Later, when a loud, drunk Jay woke her up, she grew upset.

He was discovered by Honey while crouching on the ground and loudly singing.

She was obviously not pleased, and she will undoubtedly become irritated if Jay attempts to plan a night out again.

After helping Lola get away from the man bugging her, Jay might start a conversation with her.

She might be the one Jay confides in about the concerns he is beginning to have about Honey.

After leaving the club, the two may decide to stay together for the rest of the night while they are inebriated.

The following day, they might choose to dismiss it by telling a falsehood, but if Lola becomes pregnant with Jay’s child, their actions might come back to haunt them.

According to rumors, Lola will be leaving the soap opera due to a heartbreaking brain tumor storyline.

If she just gave birth to Jay’s child, this will be much more heartbreaking.

If Jay and Honey split up, it’s possible that the couple would decide to try their romance again, but it could end tragically.

Will Jay be left on his own to raise a child the following year?

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