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EastEnders theory: Mitch’s anguish leads to the reveal of Karen Taylor’s new love affair

According to a new notion, the entrance of Felix and Finlay Baker will create a great deal of tension on the family, which could lead to Karen Taylor of EASTENDERS being compelled into the arms of another guy.

After the passing of Mitch Baker’s estranged brother Avery Baker, Karen Taylor (played by Lorraine Stanley) and Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) received two new family members (Omar Lye-Fook). Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam) are adjusting to life on the square, but will Karen seek out support from someone outside the family as they struggle in their new home?

The Taylors get ready for a special night in Avery’s honor in the episodes that air the following week.

The task of buying for their father’s “Nine Night” is given to Finlay and Felix.

Felix offers Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) the lipstick they were talking about before after spotting her.

He becomes anxious though when he realizes the money for the shopping has vanished.

He runs after Kim because he recalls that the money was in the bag with the lipstick.

But it’s too late; Kim threw the bag in the trash before realizing there was more inside.

The brothers search the bins for the bag in vain and are unable to locate it.

They eventually give up and return to the Taylors without obtaining any of the necessities for the big event.

As the family prepares to honor his life, Mitch raises a glass in his brother’s honor.

Karen forces Felix and Finlay to confess to having misplaced her money.

Fans of EastEnders will recall how Karen’s life recently became chaotic due to the family’s financial difficulties.

The only factor influencing Bernadette Taylor’s (Clair Norris) decision to act as a surrogate was financial pressure.

Even so, the family manages to have a good time and remember Avery.

The family’s focus shifts back to finances the following morning when Karen realizes they cannot afford to take Mia Atkins to a theme park for her birthday.

The Baker brothers are overcome with remorse, and Mia is visibly distraught.

Will Finlay’s solution be sufficient to help rescue Mia’s birthday?

After a difficult few months that saw the execution of their daughter’s killer, Karen and Mitch were reunited in EastEnders.

In addition, the couple had to say goodbye to their son Keegan Baker (Zack Morris), who had made the decision to leave the nest permanently.

Even though Karen was the one who pushed Mitch to include his nephews in the family, the pressure might get to Karen.

After losing Chantelle Atkins, the bereaved grandma is determined to give Mia and Mackenzie Atkins the best future she can (Jessica Plummer).

Karen might seek support from someone else if Mia is sad about her cancelled birthday plans since she doesn’t want to bother Mitch during his brother’s funeral.

Will she turn to her ex-boyfriend Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) for comfort as the Taylor-Baker family struggles to adjust to their new family structure?

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