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EastEnders theory: Stacey Slater pregnant but Kheerat Panesar is not the father

Stacey Slater of EASTENDERS might shatter Kheerat Panesar’s heart because a new theory contends that she might become pregnant following a passionate night with someone else.

After learning that Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) was keeping their connection a secret from his family, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner’s character) had second thoughts about their developing romance. Kheerat made it plain that she was his top priority because he didn’t want to lose the EastEnders stalwart. However, the appearance of Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara), a troubled ex-convict who has set his sights on humiliating Kheerat, may prove to permanently sever the couple’s relationship.

Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) continues to lose control of her family in the episodes that will air the next week, and things only become worse for her.

Before verifying that he, Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota), and Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) are all moving out, Kheerat declares that he is renting no. 41.

Vinny’s mother and Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) attempt to patch things up by intervening.

However, as Suki reaches a new low, she is forced to leave as well.

Suki is devastated by Kheerat’s announcement that he is buying her out of the company as family tensions continue to grow.

When Stacey urges Kheerat to make amends with his mother, he becomes irritated.

As soon as he realizes Arthur is listening in, he immediately ends the conversation.

However, as Arthur becomes irate, Stacey fails to recognize and misinterprets Kheerat’s motives.

She brings up the confrontation with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and discusses breaking off her engagement to Kheerat.

Later, when Kheerat apologizes to Arthur, Stacey is moved and understands why he ended their talk.

Suki invites Eve to a drink in an effort to distract herself from her family issues in the meantime.

When Dotty questioned whether moving out was the best decision, Vinny was not amused.

Suki receives a letter and is astounded by its contents, but before she can tell her children, she realizes that she has been further isolated from the family.

When Nina Gupta (Hersha Verity) runs into her, she immediately makes it known that Kheerat has previously spoken to her about the circumstance.

Suki asks Vinny for assistance as she struggles to hold onto her kids.

As soon as he sees Stacey, Ravi enters the square after arriving there.

He shamelessly flirts with her when she is across the square, which enrages the steadfast. When Steve McFadden’s character Phil Mitchell sees his former cellmate, he has an idea.

Suki is getting ready to present a business idea to Ranveer Gulati (Anil Goutam), but she is taken aback when he inquires as to why Kheerat is competing with her.

She hides and says her son is merely attempting independence.

But when Ranveer’s son Ravi shows there, Kheerat becomes enraged.

It is obvious that there is no longer any affection between him and his mother as he challenges her devotion.

When Ravi learns that Stacey is romantically linked with Kheerat, would he turn his attention to her?

Fans of EastEnders will recall that Stacey has a habit of having affairs with her partner’s family.

Could Stacey becoming pregnant as a result of Ravi’s seduction signal the beginning of a difficult love triangle?

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