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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Charity’s secret as pregnancy is revealed

Not only Amelia Spencer is a resident of Emmerdale expecting a child.

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked to learn last week that Amelia Spencer, a teenage girl, was pregnant.

The soap opera’s Wednesday episode now revealed that Charity Dingle is also expecting, in yet another shocking turn of events. Amelia passed out last week and ended up in the hospital.

The 15-year-old attributed it to diet supplements she had been taking in an effort to change the way her body looked, but while she was at the hospital, she learned she was pregnant.

Amelia’s unexpected pregnancy is about 20 weeks along, and the emotional schoolgirl revealed earlier this week that she intends to have an abortion, according to the MEN.

Amelia visited a clinic in the episode airing on Wednesday, where she unintentionally ran into Charity. Amelia has been paying Charity’s son Noah visits while he is imprisoned, and Charity was quick to offer Amelia support after learning of this.

Charity lied when asked what she was doing at the clinic, claiming that she had fibroids. Amelia soon confided in Charity about her own situation, and despite her insistence that he wasn’t the father, Charity assumed Noah was.

Amelia left after returning to Charity’s, and Charity could be seen picking up a phone. The truth wasn’t revealed, however, until the episode’s conclusion, when Charity was overheard discussing her pregnancy while on the phone because she had also scheduled an abortion.

It’s also true to say that Emmerdale viewers were unprepared. Tweeted @Jamal06122771: “What a turn, wow. Unexpectedly, Charity is pregnant for Mackenzie. #emmerdale.” echoed @BenthamFans: “Being pregnant, Charity didn’t anticipate that. #Emmerdale.” Wini Boansi left a comment: “Huuuuuuh?! Does Charity also have a child? #Emmerdale, omg.”

Posted by @KelliPacham: “Oh my gosh, Amelia and Charity are both expecting! #Emmerdale.” Posted by @Dan240993 “Wow, Charity is expecting once more. Tell me where and how that happened. #Emmerdale.” Added by @dinglette1972 “What type of water are the Emmerdale women drinking? Charity is also expecting. Jesus is alive.”

While everyone assumes Mackenzie Boyd is the father, some believe there may be another twist in store. Tweeted @amelia121299: “He may want the child and she may not, which could spell the end for Charity and Mackenzie. #Emmerdale.” And @FiFiRobTO added: “Suppose it’s not Mack’s? #emmerdale.”

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