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Emmerdale: Iconic family about to lose everything when Faith Dingle’s truth is revealed

Although EMMERDALE matriarch Faith Dingle’s days are numbered, it was implied in Thursday’s episode of the ITV soap that her family will have an unpleasant surprise after she passes away.

Faith (Sally Dexter), whose relationships with her daughters Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain Dingle have been strained, has done pretty much everything for her family (Jeff Hordley). However, it appears that her loved ones are now able to forgive her for her previous wrongs as her final days on Emmerdale approach. They might be incensed when they learn what she was hidden from them after she has passed away on the ITV soap opera.

The weeknight serial drama’s Thursday episode opened with Faith and her great-granddaughter Sarah Sugden seated in the café (Katie Hill).

Faith had to answer a call from someone who turned out to be a debt collector even though they were supposed to be spending some quality time together.

The legendary family’s matriarch remarked, “Have I not paid my ticket? I’m really sorry, Mr. Debt Collector. You’ll need to know my new address because I recently moved.

“I’m six feet under in the cemetery, you money-grabbing scoundrel, because that’s where you’ll find me because that’s where I’ll be.”

“That was fun, annoying traffic wardens, that should be on the top of everyone’s shopping list,” she said after hanging up the phone with Sarah.

Faith continued to talk to Sarah about checking things off of a bucket list before she passed away, suggesting that she was not in a haste to pay the debt she owed.

Faith replied, citing the many crimes and illegalities she had performed over the years, “I suppose I’ve done just about everything.”

The rest of the program focused on the two as Sarah encouraged Faith to have fewer chaotic days even though she wanted to make the most of every moment.

They each had to deal with the possibility at some point in the future, albeit at different times, but they understood how the other felt.

But Sarah would never have imagined that after her great-grandmother passed away, she had a mountain of debt.

Faith was making jokes about the parking penalty she received, but this may not be her only obligation.

The Dingles could be approached after she passes away to explain that the matriarch still owed hundreds of pounds on several accounts.

They would be furious to learn she had been hiding this, and they would be much more furious to learn they would be responsible for the debt.

The family has always had financial difficulties, and they occasionally turned to illicit means to obtain money.

This time, though, they might lose everything since they realize they can’t act the same way they used to.

For Cain, this would entail selling the garage to get some more cash, while Chas could ask Charity Dingle for a major favor (Emma Atkins).

Charity would be willing to do this if she asked the owner of the Woolpack to divide her portion of the bar with her in order to settle Faith’s debt.

However, this would only be possible because Faith gave £20,000 toward Sarah’s medical expenses once she was identified as having throat cancer.

It’s possible that the matriarch had exhausted her life savings by the time she reached this point and had been maxing out credit cards ever since.

Will Faith’s family always hold this against her even after she has passed away because they now have to rebuild from scratch?

After five years of portraying the adored role, Faith’s actor, Sally, has been open about leaving the program.

“Some of the scripts match how I feel,” Sally said, “because she’s rushing toward the end of her life and I’m hurtling toward the conclusion of my time in Emmerdale.”

Even if I believe it to be the proper course of action, leaving behind friends like Jeff [Hordley], Lucy [Pargeter], and Natalie [J Robb] will be very difficult for me.”

“The experience of working with them is fantastic. Not simply their acting prowess, but also who they are as people.

“The plot, in my opinion, is outstanding. Although I haven’t read the scripts for her passing, I’m hoping for the best outcome possible.”

The soap actress remarked, “This isn’t simply a narrative about an illness; it’s a bigger story about family.”

Lee posted on Twitter, “I still don’t agree with the notion of murdering off Faith but it’s been very fantastic,” suggesting that viewers are also devastated by her departure.

Claire tacked on “Sally Dexter is fantastic, and she is a breath of new air as a character. So sad.

Faith is dying, but I believe that I’m also greatly affected because Sally is leaving #emmerdale @emmerdale.”

“Love Faith Dingle, will not be the same without her, don’t want that episode to come around,” Karen wrote in a remark on a social media site.

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