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Emmerdale reveals Dawn’s paternity, Faith’s police investigation, and a drug plot

When Dawn and Billy learn who Clemmie’s father is, they are shocked and immediately demand that he grant them custody of her. While Matty tries to frame Suzy, Faith is on a mission.

Fans of Emmerdale should brace themselves for another tumultuous week because things are about to get really hot and heavy for some characters.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, Dawn Fletcher and her husband Billy concur that they would both love to be Clemmie’s guardians.

But when Dawn learns who her biological father is, she is left feeling let down and heartbroken.

Faith Dingle, on the other hand, is determined to get her belongings out of a mysterious house. When she finally obtains the items, though, has she taken on too much?

Suzy Merton is doing her best to avoid trouble and keep Leyla Cavanagh’s nose clean in the meantime.

However, Matty Barton has other ideas that might land her in legal trouble very soon.

Dawn’s maternity bombshell

Dawn’s inability to move on from losing Clemmie causes Will to grow increasingly concerned. When he suggests that she contact social services to see how she is doing, Dawn is adamant about doing so.

Later, when Dawn tells Billy that Alex is Clemmie’s biological father, Billy is shocked.

Dawn is enraged by the betrayal because it also implies that Alex was seeing Beth behind Dawn’s back.

Dawn is obviously upset the next day because she knows that Clemmie and Lucas must be together.

Billy calls Social Services and tells them they want custody of Clemmie, which shocks her even more. Dawn is grateful and relieved by Billy’s change of heart, but as soon as Social Services makes it clear that Alex’s permission is required in order to obtain custody of Clemmie, Dawn starts to lose hope.

Dawn is aware, though, that Billy is correct when he says they must at least make an effort to defend Clemmie.

The following day, Dawn and Billy meet Alex at the prison, where he is obviously shocked to learn that they are aware of Clemmie.

Dawn, however, is shocked when Alex flatly declines to let her and Billy foster Clemmie.

Alex changes his mind after Billy criticizes his actions and choice. Dawn is relieved, but when they see Alex’s smug smile, they question whether they can even trust him.

Will Alex honor his promise?

Faith police twist

As Faith leaves the house with her grandson Nate, Chas grows more and more suspicious.

But Faith also keeps quiet when Nate, who is curious, asks her about what they’re doing.

Nate is left feeling uneasy as Faith describes her plan to remove property from her stepdaughter’s house while standing outside an unidentified house.

Nate quickly becomes overcome by the awkwardness when Faith sneaks into Angus’ home despite his initial misgivings at the door.

When Angus discovers who Faith really is while inside the house, he is furious and orders her to leave right away.

When Faith swears to return for what she feels is rightfully hers and the next day, Nate flatly refuses to assist Faith when she plans to go back to Angus’ house, Nate is also left irritated by his mysterious grandmother.

As soon as Faith steals his car and takes off on her own, the young mechanic is left cursing himself.

Later, when Faith appears in disguise and poses as a photographer for a real estate agent, Angus is duped. Faith is ecstatic when Angus lets her in again.

Later, when Faith darts out of Angus’ house with a stolen bag in hand, Cain and Nate can’t believe their eyes.

But when Angus recognizes Nate from earlier, he realizes the thief must be Faith.

When Chas, Cain, and Nate are delighted to receive the box of memories she has returned, Faith feels proud of herself and looks back on a successful day’s work.

Faith is content with her successful day but worries that the law will eventually catch up with her as Cain and Chas look through the box of memories while talking about their youth.

Drugs plot

When Callum shows up at Take A Vow asking her to store drugs for him in exchange for money, Leyla is alarmed.

But when Leyla calls Callum to accept his seedy job, she knows she has crossed a line as Take A Vow’s financial concerns increase.

Leyla feels uneasy the following day when Callum shows up carrying a bag of drugs that is much larger than the one she had agreed to store. When Callum pays her more than usual, she is unsure of what to do.

Later, Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still scoring after being startled to see him lurking outside Take A Vow.

Matty listens to them talk while they are talking, thinking he is watching them make a drug deal.

Leyla lies vehemently when Suzy questions her about her drug use, but Suzy is dubious when Leyla insists she’s stopped using cocaine.

Later, as Matty sneakily searches Take A Vow, he is shocked to discover a sizable holdall of drugs concealed inside the business. He quickly grabs the holdall out of panic and dashes away.

The next day, Matty is determined to force Suzy to take accountability for her deeds and is visibly pleased with himself when he seizes the chance to hide the holdall filled with drugs in Suzy’s car.

In the meantime, Matty is fuming to see that Suzy has also attended Rhona’s hen party in the Hide.

When a furious Matty reprimands her, Suzy realizes she isn’t wanted and makes the hasty decision to leave the gathering.

Matty reports the drugs he planted in Suzy’s car to the police as she drives off.

When Callum returns to Take A Vow and Leyla can’t find the drugs, she is left feeling anxious.

Leyla is terrified when Callum threatens to absolve himself of responsibility if she can’t locate the missing drugs by the end of the day, which only serves to exacerbate the situation.

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