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Emmerdale rumors: Kim is enraged by Gabby’s retaliation

In a recent Emmerdale episode, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) was understandably terrified when she saw Amelia (Daisy Campbell) had dropped baby Thomas on the floor.

Thomas wasn’t seriously hurt in the fall, but Gabby was upset with Amelia for lying about it and initially trying to insist that Thomas had fallen from his high chair while feeling ill from the effects of the weight gain syrup she had been taking.

Following the accident, Gabby received a visit from social services, and in her rage she made the decision to exact harsh retribution. Amelia and her father Dan received a notice to vacate from her (Liam Fox).

When Dan (in the background) notices a To Let sign outside Kim’s house, he confronts Kim (Claire King). Kim presents herself as being well-informed, but in reality, she is furious that Gabby made such a drastic choice without consulting her first.

Kim insists that Dan and Amelia should have two months’ notice to find somewhere else to live.

Will they have enough time to find a new home? Or will Gabby give in and permit them to remain?

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