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Emmerdale spoilers: After Kerry’s discovery, Chas and Al’s relationship is revealed?

Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) insistence that no one ever find out about her romance with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) was one of the conditions she set forth, and as a new spoiler video reveals, her insistence is about to be put to the test.

Al has been seeking, well, comfort while Chas has been seeking solace in Al’s embrace from her grief at her mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Chas stressed that their arrangement would be strictly sexual and devoid of any other feelings. Only to schedule a meeting time and location will they communicate with one another.

Although the couple believes they can continue their relationship without endangering either Chas’s husband Paddy (Dominic Brunt) or Al’s partner Kerry (Laura Norton), it appears that this may not be the case after all when Kerry comes dangerously near to learning the truth in the preview video.

Al enters the cafe while Chas and Faith (Sally Dexter) are seated inside, with Faith apologizing for previously leaving without paying. As usual, Chas is eager to speak with him and invites Faith to meet her outside.

Al and Chas smile flirtatiously, but they can’t disguise their emotions. Shame we can’t stay anywhere a little longer… Al responds lustfully, “private,” but Chas’s demeanor changes when Kerry enters the room and stands directly behind Al.

Kerry may have simply overheard everything, based on the expression on her face.

Has Chas and Al’s covert relationship come to an end?

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