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Emmerdale spoilers: Drugs retaliation, a surprise kiss, and Faith’s crime before she dies

In the Dales, illicit kissing and seeking retribution are commonplace.

As a result of the information that Holly’s death occurred while Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) was present, Matty (Ash Palmisciano) is determined to hold Suzy accountable in Emmerdale.

When Matty discovers Leyla’s (Roxy Shahidi) stash in Take A Vow, he seizes the items and plans to use them against Suzy. Will Suzy’s life be ruined?

Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) is taking enormous chances and disregarding prudence in other places, but she too might soon have the cops knocking on her door.

And Mary (Louise Jameson), who misunderstood signals and kissed Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick), left her speechless.

August 1st, Monday

Leyla letting Priya go from Take A Vow leaves her in awe.

Leyla letting Priya go from Take A Vow leaves her in awe.

For Lydia, the stress of organizing Kim’s wedding becomes too much. When Will asks Leyla to pick up the pieces, she is jubilant.

August 2nd, Tuesday

Nate is curious about what they are doing, but Faith is quiet.

When Callum shows up at Take A Vow requesting Leyla to keep coke in exchange for money, she is frightened. When Leyla contacts Callum to accept his position, she realizes she has overstepped the mark as Take A Vow’s financial concerns increase.

When Dawn doesn’t seem to be over losing Clemmie, Will is concerned. Dawn is adamant to take his advice and phone Social Services to have them check on her once he suggests it. Later, when Dawn tells Billy that Alex is Clemmie’s father, Billy is taken aback. Dawn is incensed at the betrayal after learning that Alex was having an affair with Beth behind her back.

Chas looks shady when glammed up. Nate and Faith leave together. When curious Nate inquires as to what they’re up to, Faith doesn’t say anything.

Nate is apprehensive as Faith describes her plan to reclaim something from her stepdaughter’s home as she stands outside an unidentified property. Nate feels quite uncomfortable when Faith sneaks inside Angus’s home despite his misgivings at the entrance.

When Angus discovers who Faith actually is, he is indignant and orders her to leave. Faith makes a promise to come back for what is rightfully hers, leaving Nate frustrated by his mysterious grandma.

Wednesday August 3

Dawn is appreciative of Billy’s shift in thinkingCallum arriving with a cocaine bag that is significantly larger than the one Leyla agreed to store makes her apprehensive. When Callum pays her more than usual, she is unsure of what to do. Later, Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still scoring when she is astonished to see him outside Take A Vow. Matty is in awe as he stands back and thinks he is seeing a drug trade.

When Suzy inquires about Leyla’s use of cocaine, Leyla lies through her teeth, but Suzy is suspicious when Leyla says she has given up the habit. Later, when Matty sneakily investigates Take A Vow, he is surprised to discover a sizable holdall filled with cocaine. He takes the holdall out of panic and runs away.

Knowing that Clemmie and Lucas must be together, Dawn is inconsolable. Dawn is surprised when Billy tells her that social services have requested custody of Clemmie over the phone.

Dawn is appreciative of Billy’s change of heart, but she loses hope when social services make it apparent that Alex’s permission is required in order to obtain custody of Clemmie. When Billy makes it obvious that they must at least try, Dawn realizes he is correct.

Thursday August 4

Matty is committed to getting Suzy to accept responsibility for her deeds.

Matty is committed to getting Suzy to accept responsibility for her deeds. When he seizes the chance to put the holdall filled with coke in Suzy’s car, he is pleased with himself. As the Hide’s hen party for Rhona begins. When Matty learns that Suzy has also come, he becomes enraged.

Suzy realizes she’s not welcome when a furious Matty scolds her, so she leaves. Matty confesses the drugs he planted in Suzy’s car to the police as she drives off.

When Faith decides to return to Angus’s, Nate flatly declines to assist her. When Faith steals his car and flees, he curses at himself. Later, when Faith appears in disguise and poses as a photographer for a real estate agent, Angus is duped. When he allows her in, Faith experiences a lightbulb moment. When Cain and Nate witness Faith scurrying out of Angus’ with a stolen bag, they can’t believe their eyes.

Angus deduces that the thief must be Faith because he recognizes Nate from the previous day. Later, when Chas, Cain, and Nate are pleased with the box of memories Faith has returned, they remark on a job well done. While looking through Faith’s box of memories, Cain and Chas reminisce about their youth. After a fruitful day, Faith is content as the gang bursts into laughter.

When tired Marlon passes out at his stag party, Paddy is concerned, but he has a plan.

Alex meets Dawn and Billy at the jail. When Alex learns that they are aware of Clemmie, he is shocked. Dawn is upset when Alex flatly rejects her and Billy’s request to foster Clemmie. Billy scolds Alex for his choice, and Alex changes his mind. Dawn is relieved, but when they see Alex’s smug look, they wonder if they can trust him.

When Mary confides in Vanessa about her sexuality, she misinterprets her kindness and moves in for a kiss.

Friday August 4

When her mother confides in Rhona, she is devastated.

When Rhona’s mother confides in her about what occurred with Vanessa, she is devastated.

Will Faith’s deeds haunt her in the future?

Suzy worried that Vanessa may leave her.

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