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Emmerdale spoilers: Emma Atkins reveals all on Charity’s shock pregnancy


As the episode of Emmerdale came to a close, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), who had previously kept her pregnancy a secret from her admirers, made a covert call to an abortion facility.

As they bumped into one other outside the clinic earlier in the episode, viewers watched an odd relationship forming between Charity and Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell).

Charity was quick to provide the teen counsel and a sympathetic ear before accompanying her to her appointment. But when Charity realized Amelia’s pregnancy was far further along than she had been lead to believe, she was astounded.

Charity questioned her about how the pregnancy came about as she stood outside the clinic in a state of panic. She urged Amelia to inform her that Noah wasn’t the father, which quickly revealed the source of her worries.


Emma told us, “She’s confident it’s Noah’s at this point and that’s incredibly distressing for her since he’ll be coming back from prison shortly after having a custodial sentence for harassment so I think she realizes he’s once again landed himself in this horrible situation.”

But on tonight’s show, Charity called the clinic once more to reschedule an appointment for her own termination, so this wasn’t the only shocking revelation made.

Charity has chosen to keep her pregnancy a complete secret because Emma Atkins made it clear that it was not a planned pregnancy.

I believe Charity frequently asks herself, “What’s the shortest way to fix this problem?” Make the apparent virtually invisible by eradicating it.

She is aware that she is in her late 40s and that, according to the villagers, she has not been the best mother. She can’t possibly bear the prospect of telling the entire village that she is pregnant, in my opinion. She knows it since she hasn’t been the most successful mother because there would be a lot of doubt and criticism.

She has had a lot of difficulty being a mother. She is not a mother.

Naturally, Emma continued, bumping into Amelia was the last thing Charity had anticipated.

She suddenly becomes maternal with Amelia, and I believe it pulls out emotions in Charity that she probably wasn’t aware she was harboring. I believe there is some sort of influence at play there.

“Your feelings are frequently quite subtle, and you don’t realize it until it’s too late.” Therefore, in a way, I believe she is a beneficial influence.

There is one thing for certain: Charity Dingle’s life is never boring.

“It’s fantastic.” I’m fortunate in that regard. said Emma.

My character has several facets because, in a way, she’s a bit of a rebel. It’s probably more intriguing to watch someone who can’t help but get into problems than someone who is pretty reasonable, in my opinion.

Amelia and Charity will face a lot more turmoil in the future, and we’re excited to see how it all turns out.