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Emmerdale theory: David Metcalfe for affair with Nicola King in unpredictable attack twist

EMMERDALE lothario David Metcalfe has been struggling recently on the ITV soap but a new theory by suggests he could end up betraying his partner, Victoria Sugden, in favour of having an affair. On Emmerdale, David (played by Matthew Wolfenden) recently asked Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) for some assistance after admitting to her that he was having some serious financial problems. The shopkeeper promised his spouse he would be a better boyfriend once his debts from the sale of the last parcel of land the Sugdens owned on Barton’s Farm were settled. He might wind up becoming Nicola King’s (Nicola Wheeler) shoulder to weep on, which could result in a hot relationship because she is still traumatized from the attack she suffered on the ITV serial. The village-based drama’s episodes this week focus on Nicola trying her best to maintain her composure in the face of yet another assault by the group of girls who had chosen her as their target. She has spoken to the police and given them one of the girls’ names, in addition to confiding in her husband Jimmy King (Nick Miles) about how the incident has affected her mental health. Unfortunately, the mother of three will eventually start to wonder that she has done more harm than good in subsequent sequences of the weeknight drama. Nicola learns that another person has been attacked after posting the video of her attack on social media to identify her perpetrators. She thinks that by inspiring others to capture the exact moment they attack their victims, she may have started a trend.
This will cause Nicola’s recovery to regress a bit because she believes she is to fault for the most recent occurrence. Jimmy will assist her as much as he can, but sadly, this might not be enough to help his wife overcome her current state of mind. Here is where David could step in because when Nicola smashed into his van a few weeks earlier and he pestered her for insurance information when she wasn’t in the appropriate state of mind, he could make up for it by giving her a better experience.
David could tell the adored character how strong she is and how she doesn’t take crap from anyone as she cries her heart out. Nicola could lean in for a kiss when she saw the old David, the one she first fell in love with many years ago because she knows he has given her feelings no one else has for a very long time.
David might still be contemplating their disputes and whether their romance should continue despite the fact that he is in a relationship with Victoria and that they lately appeared to be getting back on track. David might show Nicola some affection in return, and a kiss could result in much more if she does. The two will cheat on their partners before they know it, but they could enjoy the thought of keeping their affair a secret. They can decide to keep their liaisons secret since they feel renewed after finding solace in one another.But given that David has been exposed numerous times for having extramarital affairs, when would it become known that he was having an affair with Nicola?
The actor who plays Nicola, Nicola, has discussed recent interactions between her character and David and how there may be more to the plot in the future. Nicola provided details of the subsequent events to and other media, saying: “Naturally irritated, David came outside and yelled at her. “If you looked, it was evident that he was approaching [put onto the road]; she just didn’t see him, probably because her attention was diverted inside her thoughts. “She was experiencing the attack all over again in her head. David yelled at her since he was under a lot of stress at the moment and didn’t realize how it was affecting her.” Might David’s offer to be her lover and her shoulder to weep on be an effort to make up with Nicola, or could he really be done with Victoria? David has had affairs in the past, including one with Victoria while still dating Meena Jutla, so this wouldn’t be the first time (Paige Sandhu). The villain, who was notorious for her murderous tendencies, ultimately tried to drown Victoria after learning of her boyfriend’s extramarital affair. He admitted to having second thoughts about her but said he would never in a million years believe she was capable of carrying out her plans. Matthew continued by saying that he believed Meena never really liked him as a person but preferred the concept of possessing and controlling him. David can wind up being the bad guy in this situation since he believes it would be acceptable to cheat on Victoria with Nicola despite the fact that she is nothing like the villain. But how will Victoria respond if she learns the truth, and will there be repercussions for the money she paid him?

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