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Emmerdale theory: Mackenzie Boyd will take on the role of Moses Dingle if Ross Barton is killed off

EMMERDALE favorite Mackenzie Boyd has recently been less involved in the drama on the ITV soap, but a scene in Tuesday night’s episode may indicate he may soon be playing a larger part in the community.

The Emmerdale heartthrob, Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie, and his girlfriend Charity Dingle, portrayed by Emma Atkins, made their relationship official in October. Moses Dingle (Arthur Cockroft), the son of Ross Barton (Michael Parr), didn’t really have a reliable father figure until Mackenzie arrived because Ross Barton lived outside of the village. Even though Moira Barton’s (Natalie J. Robb) brother and the boy have grown closer over the past few months on the ITV soap opera, it appears he may end up raising the child as his own.

The episode of the evening serial drama that aired on Tuesday night began with Mackenzie informing his sister that he would be watching over Moses for the day.

While Charity was working at the bar, the heartthrob talked through the schedule, detailing how they would be a proper father and son team.

As the newest episode went on, it appeared that the two were having a great day, but the boys made the decision to stop by and visit Charity.

Additionally, she had just learned that her son Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) would be freed from jail later in the week when this happened.

Mackenzie tried to be honest with his girlfriend, who was happy to see him develop a bond with her youngest child despite his complaints that her son was isolating her.

Moses expressed his desire to see Noah since he was missing him, but Mackenzie tried to divert him by reminding him that they still had a lot of work to do.

“Back to the enjoyable trail now, mate. Next, go to Uncle Cain’s garage; if you’re lucky, he might even let you take one of his vehicles for a spin “The hottie gave an explanation.

Charity responded by thanking her boyfriend for taking care of him for the day after he repeated to her that he was joking.

Mackenzie answered: “I like taking charge. I like it a lot. Best friends, “Moses nodding in agreement with his father-figure.

Charity worried about Noah constantly, but she was happy that one of her sons was doing well and that her boyfriend was keeping an eye on him.

With the persona who now lives outside of the hamlet and frequently sees his son, Charity would never attempt to take the position of Ross in Moses’ life.

However, it can be revealed in forthcoming episodes of the show that Ross was killed off-screen, in which case Mackenzie would have to take the lead.

Ross might have recognized that his son was being looked after by someone who had his best interests in mind even though he had never met Mackenzie.

The absent character could specify in his will that he wanted Mackenzie to adopt his small kid so that Moses would still have a father.

Since dating Charity, Mackenzie has developed a stronger paternal feeling and has taken on a fatherly role for both Moses and Noah.

He could cheerfully adopt Moses and raise the child as if he were his own because he is aware that his partner doesn’t want any more children.

Having a kid would fulfill Mackenzie’s lifelong desire and bring about his full transformation from villain to adored parent.

Mackenzie would want Moses to have someone he could look up to because his own father wasn’t kind toward him or had much time for him.

Moses would also be reminded of Ross’s affection for him and who his biological father was.

Will there be more obstacles in the way of the heartthrob’s quest to become a father, or is he finally ready to have his happily ever after?

After leaving the program in 2018, the door has always been open for Michael, the actor who played Ross, to come back.

The soap opera star, however, recently declared that his most recent role would take him back to the stage and away from television.

He will reportedly play the lead role in Rita, Sue, and Bob Too, a theatre performance at the St Helens Theatre Royal in Windlehurst.

Michael has performed on this stage before; in 2005, he played a lead part in a production of The Blues Brothers.

The actor stated of his time there: “St Helens Theatre Royal is actually where it all began for me.”

The serial star’s statement added, “This is where I realized that I wanted to be a professional actress.”

“Being back here makes it truly seem as though everything has come full circle; it’s an amazing sensation. I can only hope that through inspiring someone else, I may return the favor.”

This could imply that as Michael begins his new endeavor, writers are preparing to completely remove Ross from the Emmerdale universe.

What shady bargain, though, would Ross have engaged in that will ultimately result in his death and leave his partner Rebecca White (Emily Head) inconsolable?

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