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Emmerdale theory: Wendy Posner to exit as Faith Dingle leaves her entire life savings

EMMERDALE’S According to a recent theory by , Wendy Posner may be about to reevaluate her own future despite taking a backseat to the drama on the ITV soap in recent months due to her inclusion in Faith Dingle’s exit storyline.

In the background of Faith’s (Sally Dexter) recent Emmerdale storyline, in which she learned that her cancer had returned and was now terminal, Wendy (played by Susan Cookson) has been present. The Dingle matriarch will be tying up some loose ends in the coming months as she realizes her time on the ITV soap is winding down. When her family learns who received everything in their mother’s last will and testament, they might be in for a big surprise.

Only Wendy and Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) were aware of Faith’s secondary cancer at the time of her initial diagnosis.

They attempted to persuade the Dingle matriarch to be truthful with her family, with whom she was finding it difficult to connect after everything she had previously put them through, particularly with her son Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

She believed that they would put on a smile and settle their differences out of sympathy rather than forgiving her for what she had caused them to go through.

There was a time when Faith thought she would never tell them the news because she wanted their relationships to be strong before she broke the news to them.

She had the opportunity to change her mind about her will at this point and instruct her solicitors to transfer all of her assets into Wendy’s name.

The actor who plays Faith, Sally, teased this plot twist by mentioning Wendy’s admiration for Wendy and all the support Wendy received.

She wanted no support at all, according to Sally. She simply believed it would be simpler to handle things on her own and that she could tough it out on her own.

“And Moira accidentally learned about the circumstance, and in many ways, she was brilliant in providing Faith with that support.

But having someone as passionate and emotional as Moira on your side has also caused Faith to feel emotionally torn in two.

She wanted to keep certain details private, but Moira insisted that she reveal them.

She didn’t find that easy, so, but at the same time, Moira and Wendy’s support was excellent, Sally continued.

The soap star continued to say in an interview with and other media, “In her heart of hearts, she was grateful.

Given that it appeared Moira was supporting Faith the most, the financial twist might come as a surprise to her family and viewers.

Faith might have thought the nurse was a better option because Wendy had less money and Moira was too persistent to give up her identity.

Faith could have known the nurse wanted to relocate to London and start a new chapter if she had stayed with Wendy for a short period of time.

Faith might have thought that since her family was well established, this was the best use of her money.

Unfortunately, they might be incensed to learn that a person with little family connection received their entire inheritance.

The family could have hoped that Faith would have left them something despite the fact that there might not have been much left in light of everything she put them through as children.

When Wendy learns she has received all of Faith’s life savings, she might be as shocked as Wendy and devise a scheme to return the entire sum.

Since Moira would have known what her mother-in-law would have preferred, she could step in before she has a chance to speak with Faith’s family.

Before the Dingles had a chance to stop her, Moira would advise Wendy to take the money and head to London because she deserved happiness.

Given how their relationship ended, she could start over with her son Luke Posner (Max Parker), who lives in the Capital.

Wendy might be leaving the world at this point, leaving her tragic past in the village behind her as she sails off into the distance.

She would not want to be reminded of everything she has lost because her oldest son, Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie), was killed in the Dales.

Will her relationship with Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) naturally end or could this be the new beginning she needs?

The Wendy-playing actress, Susan, has previously discussed whether or not she would continue in the weeknight serial drama.

The actress admitted to ITV’s Lorraine earlier in the year that she was “currently very happy in the Dales.”

Nevertheless, given that Susan has been a part of the program for more than two years, it’s possible that her contract is up for renewal.

Will she be able to escape the drama before she gets sucked into it as the village prepares for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the show?

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