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Eve Unwin of EastEnders is devastated after learning the truth about her death

Now what will she do?

Eve Unwin of EastEnders will experience heartbreak in tonight’s (July 26) episode when Suki Panesar rejects her.

In the scenes from Monday, Eve offered support to Suki in the wake of recent revelations and even revealed a troubling past secret.

Eve reflected on her own tragic experience with her deceased twin sister and told Suki that she understands what it’s like to feel responsible for a loved one’s passing.

I can relate to how it feels to punish oneself for someone else’s passing. I knew a girl who was alone the night she died because of me,” Eve said. But when I drove the car, did I kill her? Is it true that I fled? Did I leave her to die by the side of the road? No.”

Eve went on to say that she had lost the chance to reunite with her parents because they had blamed her for the death of her sister.

Suki was clearly moved by Eve’s support, and they eventually shared a passionate kiss.

Eve shows up to the Panesars’ new GP surgery opening tonight in support of Suki after their passionate night together, but she is shocked by Suki’s icy demeanor.

Suki returns to Eve and begs for assistance after an unexpected Ash secret is revealed.

Eve discovers some information about the reporter who is aware of Ash’s past and manages to deter her.

This then enables Eve and Suki to properly discuss their romantic evening, but sadly, things don’t turn out the way Eve had hoped.

When Eve realizes that Suki will always keep their relationship a secret, she is devastated and insists that she can’t be with her. Is their relationship already over?

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