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Experience the life of a ground handler with AirportSim by MS Games

A new experience from the minds of MS Games was announced at the Future Games Show called AirportSim. The new contemporary simulator will allow you to play the role of an airport ground handling agent where efficiency, time and accuracy matter.

In your new role, you will work at a number of different airports taking on the challenges of a member of the ground crew. Welcoming passengers, unloading luggage and pushing the plane with the tug are just some of the tasks you will have to do to keep your passengers, the flight crew and the airline happy.

You will simulate this experience from a first person perspective and the world around you is highly simulated. The custom physics and graphics engine means you’ll take on these challenges in realistic environments. Cars, luggage, and other equipment have unique handling properties, which means you’ll need to be careful when maneuvering around the 737s or A320s in the simulator.

With various game modes to choose from, there will be plenty to do. The campaign mode will give you a realistic flight schedule that you need to follow and complete on time to ensure flights depart as scheduled. Free Play gives you the freedom to complete random tasks while you manage the weather. Finally, the visitor mode gives you the possibility to browse the included airports (Vágar, Keflavik and Frankfurt) at your own pace, without any pressure or obligation.

For those who want to get creative with their simulator, you can customize flight schedules, paint skins and more. All of these creations can be shared via the Steam Workshop, and the tools included will allow you to let your imagination run wild.

AirportSim was developed by MS Games, but was heavily supported by MK-Studios. MK-Studios, if you don’t know, brought us airports like Rome, Lisbon, Keflavik and more on Microsoft Flight Simulator. So if you liked the details of these airports, chances are you liked what they did with AirportSim.

If taking on the life of a ground handler sounds appealing to you, you’ll need to get your high-visibility virtual jacket ready for the simulator’s 2023 launch on Steam and Xbox. FSElite will be sure to follow the development of the game and let you know when we know more. For now, check out the AirportSim trailer and screenshots.

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