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Faith Dingle from Emmerdale devises a risky criminal scheme in fresh scenes.

Faith Dingle in Emmerdale has had a busy few months with her illness and tentative promising beginnings toward reconciliation with Cain. Next week, she might also have to face with the police.

Nate is coerced into going on a trip by Faith, but she keeps mum about where they are truly going, which understandably raises red flags for him.

When they finally reach a home that he is unfamiliar with, Faith finally lets on what they are up to: she wants to enter to recover something she insists is hers.

She executes her strategy after revealing that they are at her stepdaughter Eileen’s house but encounters difficulties due to Eileen’s partner Angus.

Once he realizes who Faith is, he is insistent that she must go and never return. Faith informs Nate that she hasn’t given up on going inside just yet, proving to viewers that she is tenacious when she sets her mind to something.

Nate hears Faith say she wants to give it another shot, but he refuses to be a part of it and advises her to quit up completely.

But Nate quickly realizes that she won’t be listening to him, so she nearly immediately returns there, stealing in the process, his automobile.

She returns to Eileen’s house in disguise and gains entry by posing as a photographer for a real estate agency. Once inside, she finds what she is looking for.

Just as Faith is leaving the house with the stolen suitcase, Nate and Cain arrive, and when Angus spots Nate, he realizes what has transpired.

Nate and Cain express their happiness at being able to view everything when Faith gives them the box of memories when they arrive home.

But will Angus accuse Faith of stealing, and if so, would she be in trouble with the law?

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