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Georgia Sharma returns in Emmerdale as she extends a life-altering gift to son Jai

Georgia Sharma, the grandmother of EMMERDALE, hasn’t appeared on the ITV soap in years, but as her son Jai Sharma realizes there isn’t much left for him in the hamlet, she might be involved in his departure plot.

When the Sharma family first appeared in Emmerdale in 2011, Georgia (played by Trudie Goodwin), resided there for four years till 2015. Her marriage to Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) broke down, and she assisted her daughter Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) in overcoming her eating disorder. The character was at the center of several major storylines. However, in upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, it might be her son Jai (Chris Bisson) who requires her assistance. She may even have the perfect solution up her sleeve to alter his outlook on life.

As Jai’s relationship with Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) has ended, there will be signs of his departure starting the next week.

When Jai’s ex-girlfriend learned it was Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) and not him who had left the drugs in the Take A Vow office earlier this year, Jai might have believed there would have been a reunion.

He might have thought that after Laurel admitted what had happened, she would rush back to him and apologize for her error.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen because Kit (Thoren Ferguson), a newbie, and Laurel get along fairly well.

He keeps an eye on the couple from afar.Jai finds it unpleasant and inconvenient to be jealous of the couple as he observes them from a distance.

Jai might call his mother Georgia and tell her that he needs her support right now in order to get his mind off of Laurel so that he can move on.

The businessman would require his mother’s presence to console him, even though his father Rishi still resides in the village.

11 years after her initial arrival, Georgia was free to come back to the Dales without being questioned in order to speak with her son about his life.

Georgia might remind him there is a lot more of the world to see as she realizes he feels stuck in a way living in the village.

Georgia may have chosen to purchase shares in the company after leaving the program in 2015 to go on a trip, and she has subsequently achieved success businesswoman.

Georgia could make the life-changing offer by requesting Jai to manage the European divisions of her new company if she needed someone to do so.

He wouldn’t even need to consider it because he would immediately accept his mother’s offer, providing him the opportunity for a better life with his son.

After living in the Dales for 11 years, he would have a few people in the village to say goodbye to as he packed his belongings.

One of them was Laurel, who he would advise to savor her new romance and not compromise her happiness once more.

Will the town be significantly affected by Jai’s departure, and did the businessman make the correct choice to leave his mother into business together?

The actress who played Georgia, Trudie, spoke about her plans when she was chosen for the role at the time.

The actress, who played the Bill’s lead role for about 25 years, elucidated: “I won’t be around for a very long time. I won’t repeat that mistake!

“Apart from everything else, they might not want me after three months, so I would never have agreed to a contract longer than that!

“Long-term commitment is something I find repulsive.

I’m engaging in all the activities I was unable to do while I was on The Bill, like as working in the theater, which I adore. I almost don’t want an especially simple life right now “She spoke to TV Times.

This may be the reason Georgia pays a surprise visit to the village and offers Jai an offer he can’t refuse.

Additionally, as Trudie stated in an interview from 2017: “Georgia is on a global cruise, she’s been away for two years. She hasn’t ruled out coming back to the program,”

She may, I think, [come back]. I’m still in touch with a number of folks from that place, and Fiona, who played my daughter, and I are extremely close.

“She tells me what’s happening when we talk on the phone, which we do frequently. I need to recoup. I would adore returning and spending some time there.”


She reiterated that it would only be temporary after her prior four-year stay on the program.

I live in London, so getting to and from Leeds got pretty difficult, said Trudie.

She told OK! Magazine, “I’ve reached an age and a position in my life where I don’t want to stay away for any significant period of time.”

Jai’s on-screen actor Chris revealed that he once discussed his decision to leave the show with the producers.

There were discussions regarding the character’s direction, he revealed in an interview with OK! Magazine.

Have we gone too far and should we call it a day or do we redeem him? — Very direct and honest chats with me and the producer.

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