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Guilty Gear Strive v1.19 patch notes appear to lower chances of Season 2 DLC reveal this weekend… but not entirely

Will we get a new teaser or trailer at CEO 2022?

Although Guilty Gear Strive’s big Season 2 update dropped earlier this month, balance and mechanics tweaks didn’t come along with a new DLC character, which left players wondering. ask when the first piece of the second season pass will arrive.

With CEO 2022 ending this weekend, many fans were hoping to see this character announcement during the Strive finale, but the recently released version 1.19 patch notes for the incoming update suggest otherwise – it’s certainly not impossible, however.

According to Arc System Works, Ver. Patch 1.19 will only contain a handful of bug fixes for May, Faust, Zato-1, Ramlethal and I-No with no mention of new characters obviously.

Given that the update is slated for next Friday, July 1, it seems like now would have been the perfect time to drop the first Season 2 DLC if they were to be revealed to the CEO.

The relatively large amount of work and resources required to test, approve, and release individual updates for video games makes it unreasonable to expect another in such quick succession.

If a new Strive fighter was in our immediate future, ArcSys would have combined the updates together.

Guilty Gear Strive Ver.  Image from Patch Notes 1.19 #1

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While the CEO would basically be the perfect place to make a big announcement, it also makes sense that the studio would want to refrain from showing anything for Guilty Gear right now so as not to distract from DNF Duel. , which comes out in just a few days on June 28.

We’re definitely not going to sit here and say there’s no way Strive DLC will show up this weekend, because there’s still a good chance we’ll end up seeing something, even if it’s not. is further in the future.

Thinking back to CEO 2021 late last year, ArcSys only provided a short teaser for Baiken’s arrival in GGST while its actual gameplay reveal and release would arrive a month later.

There could be a very similar situation ahead of us on Sunday night for the Strive finale, though ArcSys and Alex Jebailey have been quiet to tease anything so far.

Given that most of the character announcements for Strive so far have been associated with major tournaments, the next most likely place to see the game’s first Season 2 fighter wouldn’t be until Evo 2022 in August.

Obviously, we’ll find out for sure on Sunday night, but we’re just suggesting that you don’t get your hopes up for anything big just yet.

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