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How much RAM do you need for a gaming PC in 2022

Are you looking for answers to How much Ram do you need for a gaming PC? Are you planning to build a PC and wondering how much RAM you might need to game? Find out all about RAM requirements for your gaming PC from here. Adding ideal RAM configurations to a PC is not an easy task. You need to consider various factors such as the games you might play, the build quality of your PC, its price, etc.

Different video games and PC versions have specific RAM requirements. Several factors help determine these ideal requirements for your gaming PC. And to understand your best option, today we’ll discuss the importance of RAM in gaming, different configurations, and how much RAM you need. for your gaming PC.

How much RAM do you need for a gaming PC?

How Much RAM Do You Need For A Gaming PC

Random access memory or RAM in games is a crucial factor that determines how smoothly you can run your favorite games on the PC. It is your PC’s short-term memory storage and helps the CPU to store and retrieve game data and ensure higher FPS (frames per second) for video game performance.

Your gaming preferences may determine how much RAM you need to add to your PC configuration. For lighter games, a lower RAM capacity may work. On the other hand, high performance games require high capacity RAM for smoother gameplay.

To find the perfect balance between your games and required RAM, you first need to know how performance-hungry your ideal games are.

Understanding Different RAM Configurations for Gaming PCs

Understanding Different RAM Configurations for Gaming PCs

What kind of games do you like to play? Are they classic indie games like Among US, Inscryption, Undertale or Stardew Valley? Then you can opt for 2GB or 4GB RAM capacities for your PC. These games are light and not very intense in terms of performance, which makes them ideal for a lower RAM capacity. But always make sure to build your PC with enough RAM to avoid lags, glitches or software bans.

If you are a fan of performance-hungry games such as Warframe, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Seige, Skyrim, Dark Souls, New World, and Elden Ring, be prepared to invest in a minimum RAM capacity of 6GB to 8GB for optimal storage and experience. These games have high quality graphics and storage requirements, and higher RAM capacity can improve their performance perfectly. So, if you like video games with high quality graphics and experience, try saving for higher RAM capacity.

Of course, if you like all sorts of games with varying storage requirements, the ideal sweet spot is 16GB to accommodate their performance.

And before investing in RAM, make sure your gaming PC and CPU allow for higher storage capacity.

What is your ideal RAM requirement?

Each gaming PC can be configured to allow around 8, 16, or 32 GB of RAM capacity, depending on the cost and efficiency of your build. Each of them is helpful in boosting the performance of your games.

A 6GB to 8GB storage system can work effectively for medium to high graphics games such as RSS and Skyrim. However, there may be minor performance issues such as glitches, software bans, lags, and poor quality graphics. So, you might not be able to enjoy the games even after investing in the RAM storage.

A maximum of 8GB of RAM for gaming PCs is a great choice, especially if you’re building your PC on a budget. You can opt for 6GB to 8GB for now and upgrade later when you can save more.

Of course, when you go for a gaming PC, it’s best not to go below 6 GB, such as 4 GB RAM capacity. Although they are available, 4 GB RAM capacity and less can hurt your gaming experience, especially if you like the widely available and popular 3D gaming options.

Fortunately, going above 8GB can help improve the performance of your games, as it can help smooth graphics and reduce lags and glitches. You can use around 16GB to configure your PC’s storage system to keep more data for multiple games at once. Be sure to save enough to invest in 16GB RAM as this can help you enjoy variety in the long run.

Now, if you’re a video game streamer looking to see how much RAM you need to game, all storage options over 16GB and towards 32GB are the ideal choices. These are premium storage options for those who like to live stream their games to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. The 32GB RAMs are also great for PCs that weren’t originally designed for gaming. You can use these PCs for video editing, graphic design, programming, and animation on the side to utilize the vast storage capacity.

Going for more than 32GB is possible but unnecessary for gamers and gaming PCs. Such large capacity RAM can hurt your pocket when building your gaming PC or upgrading it. You can, instead, invest in a motherboard with multiple slots for your RAM keys.

Overall, depending on the games you play and the capacity of your PC, you can go for a minimum of 6-8GB of RAM, or a higher end of 32GB, depending on your budget.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does RAM speed matter in games?

RAM with a higher speed rate can improve your game’s frame rates and quality. But you can always invest in a graphics card for better improvement rates.

Do you need one or more RAM keys?

Many motherboards offer around 4 RAM slots. So you can always add multiple RAM slots of different sizes if you need to improve your storage capacity.

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