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Intel could abandon the LGA1700 in 2023

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Intel could replace the LGA1700 in 2023! Intel is known to change CPU sockets every other generation, so as you can imagine it was a pleasant surprise when rumors swirled that Intel would be using the same LGA 1700 socket for the next three years.

These rumors were too good to be true, as according to Moore’s Law is Dead, Intel plans to discontinue the LGA 1700 with the Meteor Lake launch in Q4 2023.

This replacement will come just two years after the launch of the LGA 1700, not the full three years we expected the 1700 to be relevant.

However, LGA 2551 is the new socket expected to replace LGA 1700 in 2023.

LGA 2551 is so named because of the 2551 pins connecting the CPU and motherboard via the socket, you may notice that 2551 is a significantly larger number than 1700. What is Intel doing with all these new pins?

Why all the new pins?

Our best guess without knowing too much about it is that Intel will be gearing up to support PCIe Gen 6 and all the latest storage technologies announced with AM5 motherboards at Computex 2022.

With Gen 6, PCIe gen 5 will be supported on all PCIe and M.2 slots, allowing for greater and much faster connectivity. All of these new pins are about making sure Intel stays ahead of the game and doesn’t get caught with its pants down.

With AMD hot on Intel’s heels in sales and market share, Intel cannot afford to be caught off guard and be left without enough spare bandwidth and connectivity to support new features. That’s why Intel could replace the LGA1700 in 2023.

How will all these pins affect the socket size?

Despite all the new pins, the socket size wouldn’t be too big compared to the LGA 1700 socket. According to MLID on YouTube, the socket dimensions are 38 x 46 mm, which is only 0.5 mm larger and 1mm longer than the 1700 pin socket configuration.

The focus here seems to be on pin density rather than size, as 2551 indicates that the new socket will have 50% more pins while maintaining (more or less) the same size.

LGA 2551 socket
Source: Moore’s Law is Dead via VideoCardz

Additionally, MLID adds assurances to other leaks we’ve seen in recent months that Meteor Lake’s expected launch date will be Q4 2023, rather than 2024 as we all initially thought.

Here’s some future information on Intel’s plans for the near future.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead via VideoCardz

As you can see, MLID has been busy tracking the latest news and information regarding Intel and its LGA 2551 socket. Moore’s Law of Accuracy of Information.

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