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Kojima reassures Sony fans that he’s still working with PlayStation

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Do you hear that? In the distance, you can hear thousands of angry fanboys continuing to fight online in the sad endless console war. The last battle involves metal gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima and his indie studio decide to do business with Microsoft and work on an Xbox-exclusive game. For some, it is high treason. And apparently in response to those angry fans (as well as genuinely curious viewers), Kojima Productions released a statement reassuring people that it will continue to work with Sony and PlayStation in the future.

During the weekend, Microsoft hosted a major Xbox and Bethesda video game showcase. During the event, which featured numerous trailers, new gameplay from star fieldannouncements, and more— Kojima appeared for a very brief segment. Basically, the famous video game designer showed up to say “Hey, I’m making a game with Xbox using cloud technology…uh…I’ll have more to say later!”

Pretty harmless stuff. And sure, it’s kind of silly that the simple act of making a game for Kojima has become news of monumental significance, but hey, Death Stranding and MGS3 were really good. So, like, I get it, I guess. But do you know who actually doesn’t understand and who is mad at all of this? Crazy PlayStation fanboys. I’m not talking about people who prefer playing PS5 over Xbox Series X or who like God of the war more … than Halo. I’m talking about deranged console fans who have more in common with right-wing crackpots or crazed cultists than most gamers.

And these people in particular are crazy.

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Screenshot: Change.org/Kotaku

Some of them have already started at least one petition begging Kojima to cancel his Xbox game, lamenting that some people can’t afford an Xbox or don’t like cloud gaming. (That ignores that the game will likely appear on PC and might even be a streaming-only thing playable on phones and laptops…) You can also quickly find plenty of angry posts and tweets under any news regarding Xbox’s deal. Kojima if you start digging online.

So apparently in response to all of this and people wondering what it might imply about Kojima’s relationship with PlayStation, the company released a statement on Twitter confirming what you have probably already guessed: as an independent studio, it is able to work with multiple partners and companies at the same time. at the same time.

After announcing our partnership with Microsoft using cloud technology, many people asked us about our collaboration with SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment]. Rest assured that we also continue to have a great partnership with PlayStation.

Kotaku also contacted Kojima Productions about the statement, but this type of setup, where one company works with other companies at the same time on multiple projects, is very common, and it’s weird that so many angry fans are acting like if Kojima had personally betrayed them.

But when you base your whole personality and life on specific plastic boxes and brands, you tend to suffer from certain brainworms.


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