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Lawrence Robb, a star of Emmerdale, discusses the aspect of Mack he particularly misses.

Sarcastic and a little bit of a troublemaker, Mackenzie spent most of his first few months in the town trying to get back in touch with Moira (Natalie J. Robb), tiffing with Cain (Jeff Hordley), and flirting with, to quote Lawrence Robb from our most recent interview, “everything that had a pulse.”

For Mack, life in the Dale is very different now. He is a far cry from the lone wolf he once was and Lawrence misses that element of his character. He works at the pub and lives with partner Charity (Emma Atkins).

He said to us, “I absolutely miss the lone wolf part since he was his own boss.”

He didn’t have to answer to anyone else and was free to do anything he chose. There was a point when I, Lawrence, not Mackenzie, had the impression that Mackenzie occasionally followed Charity around like a tiny lap dog.

Because he’s undoubtedly a powerful person, “I think we’re breaking free of that mentality a little bit now, and that’s great.” That, along with the fact that he was so carefree, laughing, and just making jokes, contributed to Charity’s first attraction to him

Since his arrival in 2020, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) has undoubtedly gotten Emmerdale fans buzzing.

There was a moment when I felt Mackenzie was sometimes practically following Charity around like a little lap dog, but I felt that as Lawrence, not as Mackenzie.

Not that there was ever anything romantic there, but it was fantastic to just bounce off other people who weren’t one person, and that’s probably what ignited the spark between him and Aaron. I therefore miss that section.

Although Mackenzie has seen significant upheaval, Lawrence genuinely enjoys working closely with Emma Atkins.

However, he added, “Working with one person and getting to know them and their style of operation – Emma and I, every time we have scenes together, we phone each other the day before to make sure everything is ready to go, which allows us to play on set and makes the entire process considerably more pleasurable.”

It’s more authentic because you get to see how someone operates and what they do. While we’re playing Mackenzie and Charity, there are definitely small cameos from Lawrence and Emma, which helps to, in a sense, bring the characters to life.

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