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MSI’s MAG Meta 5 SE gaming desktop rocks R7 5800X and 6700 XT

MSI has released its first all-AMD gaming desktop. The new MSI MAG Meta 5 SE combines the red team charms of an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card. These work alongside the best processors and the best graphics cards available today. Additionally, buyers can specify up to 64GB of RAM, choose from various storage options, and choose air or liquid cooling. MSI claims that this all-AMD tower will be an “economic choice”.

One of the appealing aspects of choosing an “all AMD” system is that it will enable AMD Smart Access Memory technology. According to AMD’s own tests, this enhanced CPU-GPU communication feature can improve gaming performance by up to 15%. However, in the real world, its effect varies. We wrote about this technology in depth in the fall of 2020. Since then, the competition, namely Nvidia and Intel, have figured out how to implement analog Resizable BAR technology support, so AMD SAM is not an exclusive attraction.

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