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New episodes of EastEnders confirm a popular couple’s separation.

In new scenes, EastEnders has revealed that Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown have split up.

The two episodes from Thursday (July 28), which are already accessible on BBC iPlayer, depict Honey deciding to break up with Jay and explaining that they are just in different stages of life.

The two have been at odds for a while, but Honey’s revelation that Jay is having an affair with Lola after Ash revealed it to her is the last straw.

Lexi, who witnesses a dispute between Jay and Honey and informs Will that Jay is seeing Lola behind Honey’s back, is the source of the rumor.

This is then relayed to Jada by an incensed Will, and rumors start to circulate.

When Ash alerts Honey to the rumors, Honey is taken aback but quickly realizes she’s not really disappointed.

Despite Jay’s assurances that Lola is not involved, the situation forces Honey to reexamine everything and she makes a significant choice regarding their future.

Honey admits to Jay that she was actually relieved when she believed he might be seeing Lola after realizing that their goals in life are different.

Honey tells Jay, “I’m at a time in my life where I can focus on me.” “You are not there yet, and you won’t be there for a long time. I’m confident that Lola wasn’t the source of your infidelity, but you were still out and about, having a good time. I felt happy for us I want you happy and I want us both to be happy. I want to live my life, and you need to live yours.

After the split, Honey was supported by her ex-husband Billy as they prepared to tell the kids the news, while Jay found solace in Lola.

Prior to a devastating new story that is expected to force her off the show, recent reports have suggested that a reunion for Jay and Lola may be in the works.

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