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Newcomers to EastEnders Felix and Finlay make a grave error in the death narrative.

Can it be fixed?

In scenes that will run next week amid the tragic death narrative involving their father Avery Baker, EastEnders newbies Felix and Finlay will commit a grave error.

Avery’s terminal cancer diagnosis was made public earlier this month, and he sadly passed away last week after his brother Mitch threw him one last celebration.

In the wake of Avery’s passing, Karen and Harvey urged Mitch to help Finlay and Felix by reassuring them that they were family; Mitch took their counsel.

The Taylor family gets ready for Avery’s “Nine Night” and gives Felix and Finlay some money to go shopping for it in upcoming scenes.

Felix sees Kim while he’s on his way and gives her the lipstick they were talking about earlier.

Felix becomes anxious, though, when he realizes that Kim threw away the bag containing the lipstick and that it included the money for the shopping.

Felix and Finlay find the bag after frantically searching the bins, but it’s too late.

The two brothers are compelled to confess to Karen that they have lost her money as Mitch offers a toast to Avery back at the Taylors’ home. What will she do?

After recouping from the previous night, the Taylors turn their attention to Mia, who is angry that her birthday won’t be celebrated at a theme park.

Finlay develops an idea after feeling bad about spending the money. But will it succeeD?

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