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Newegg Gaming PC Finder helps you buy the right desktop computer

If you’re not deep into the world of PC gaming, but still want to play on PC, deciding which desktop to choose might not be the easiest. Are you choosing the cheapest $1,000 system? Or go all out and spend $4,000? Maybe somewhere in between? Well, Newegg has put many of the gaming desktops it sells through its paces in several of the most played games to help you make the right choice. The Newegg Gaming PC Finder tool is simple to use, offers easy to read information and is completely free. Keep reading to learn more.

Newegg’s Gaming PC Finder Helps You Find the Perfect Desktop

Newegg has really done its part to drive the gaming PC market forward amid the industry turmoil due to out-of-stocks, price gouging, and more. When it was nearly impossible to get a graphics card, the online retailer launched a build service that cost just $99 where it would help you avoid shortages and scalpers. Now that stock is back to normal, Newegg again wants to help you make the right choice for a pre-designed desk, taking out a lot of the guesswork.

Figuring out what processor, graphics card, or even how much RAM to have in a system to play your favorite games can be a daunting task. The Newegg Gaming PC Finder has selected many of the best games right now, including titles such as Apex Legends, war zone, CS: GO, lost ark, Ring of Elden, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Headquarters, Surveillance, PUBG, Valorant, and much more. Essentially, you can select up to four of these titles in the Newegg Gaming PC Finder, then 1080p, 2K (1440p), and 4K resolution, and then the tool recommends three different systems to buy.

For my part, I chose Rainbow Six Siege and Forza Horizon 5 like the two games to play (although I wish No Man’s Sky was on the list.) From there, I had a choice of three systems, including Starter, Mainstream, and Enthusiast.

The Starter system would play at “up to 265FPS” at 1440p, my desired resolution. Indeed, it sports an RTX 2070 GPU and can handle Headquarters to this FPS, however Forza would be limited to 65FPS depending on the tool. Not too bad for one $1,300 system, though I wish Newegg had looked for something that had a 30-series GPU. Regardless, it’s a solid system for the price.

Switch to Mainstream choice at $1,950I found an RTX 3070 Ti capable of 85FPS in Forza and 360FPS in Headquarters, both of which are quite impressive. And then give it all to $3,800 along with the Enthusiast desktop, there was an RTX 3080 Ti desktop that could run Skyline 5 at 105FPS and Headquarters at 455FPS.

Newegg says the Gaming PC Finder gets “full scores” with the “highest in-game graphics quality enabled, ray tracing disabled.” We’re not quite sure if the “scores” referenced are each game’s FPS or the Time Spy score, although Time Spy doesn’t necessarily have graphics quality presets and instead has different tests for different qualities, we’re leaning towards this benchmark FPS in gaming.

The great thing about this tool is that the choices are constantly changing. Depending on the games you choose, the tool selects different desktops to examine. And, presumably, as more and more computers are added, or as sales take place, that will factor into its decision as well.

The Newegg Gaming PC Finder is free and accessible on this landing page.

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Honestly, the Newegg Gaming PC Finder was easier to use than expected and gives pretty detailed information on game performance. Normally tools like this give rounded FPS numbers, like “60+ FPS” for Skyline 5 and “240+ FPS” for Headquarters on the Starter system, while Newegg got specific and declared 65/265 for games. It’s nice to see that they also include the Time Spy score, although it’s not as relevant as before, at least in my opinion.

Either way, if you’re not sure where to start when choosing a gaming PC, the Newegg Gaming PC Finder tool is sure to make the search easier.

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