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North Carolina wants to spend $50,000 to eliminate free public EV chargers

North Carolina wants to spend $50,000 to throw away public EV chargers. Car and driver shared the news of a bill moving through the state legislature. The bill, House Bill 1049, would set aside $50,000 to get rid of free public EV chargers unless free gas pumps are built next to free public EV chargers.

The author of Car and driver article, Ezra Dyer noted that it happened in his state. His new representative in the State House, Ben Moss, is sponsoring the bill. Dyer noted that there are three free public Tier 2 chargers in his city and unless cities refuse to build free gas and diesel pumps next to EV chargers, Moss wants them gone. Dyer wrote that the main theme of the bill is:

“We just have to do something about these free public chargers, even if it costs us $50,000! These things cost tens of cents per hour when used.

Bill 1049 targets small businesses that offer free public charging for electric vehicles

It’s getting worse. House Bill 1049 will also target businesses that have free public EV chargers on their property. It will hurt small businesses. The bill will allow owners of diesel and gas-powered vehicles to make adjustments if money from any product they buy is spent on the cost of providing free EV charging to customers.

The invoice states that all customer receipts should show which part of the invoice was paid to the consignment shipper.

My 2.5 cents

Naturally, I have a few thoughts on this. The bill itself is not about the state losing money by allowing electric vehicle owners to charge for free. To me, it seems the bill is more about amplifying the myth that electric vehicle owners get free electricity while petrol and diesel car owners have to suffer at the pumps.

And yes, they are suffering, but blaming electric vehicle owners is not fair. This blame should be placed on the oil and gas companies that profit from the insane price spike. Again, it’s not about the money. These are fossil fuels.

Otherwise, why spend $50,000 just to throw away EV chargers? If Moss really cared that gas-powered car drivers weren’t getting free energy, fuel stamps would be a better alternative. I’m sure $50,000 will help a lot of struggling families.

I think the money is being used not only to eliminate free public EV charging stations, but the ensuing drama will generate more EV FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). It’s a waste of money and I hope for North Carolina’s sake, the state doesn’t pass the senseless bill.

North Carolina wants to spend $50,000 to eliminate free public EV chargers

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