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Origin 5000T Millennium Gaming PC Review

The Origin 5000T Millennium gaming PC makes my current desktop PC look exceptionally weak. Origin’s prebuilt PC (opens in a new tab) starts at $2,644, and the unit he sent me was the high-end configuration at $5,158. It’s the extreme gaming PC that few can afford, but even despite the power inside, it’s the precision and care you don’t always see in pre-built rigs that are most impressive.

In terms of raw performance, the Origin 5000T deploys its i9 12900K and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti well. The gaming PC is neck and neck in most gaming and synthetic benchmarks with the two other rigs we tested with similar specs, including the Corsair One i300 and Velocity Micro Raptor Z55. It’s exactly what you’d expect from one of our favorite gaming processors (opens in a new tab)and a close competitor (opens in a new tab) to our favorite GPUs.

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