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Our best tomato salad recipes for the summer

In the summer, I often look at a salad and think, “I could use more tomatoes.” Of course, greens are good. But would I more often be so happy to eat an entire bowl of tomatoes, especially when they’re at their peak? Absolutely.

These recipes from our archives give pride of place to tomatoes, combined with other complementary and non-overpowering ingredients. Big tomatoes, small tomatoes, tomatoes of all colors, we have a wide range covered. Take a look to see what appeals to you.

Bloody Mary tomato salad, above. Prepare a platter of these tomatoes which are a mix of sweet, salty, salty and spicy and let the compliments roll. Feel free to take the name to heart and add even more toppings inspired by the cocktail of the day.

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Tomato and stone fruit salad with seeds. Oil infused with cumin seeds, sesame seeds and black pepper lends a crunchy texture and contrasting flavor to sweet, sweet and tart fruits.

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Fried tomatoes with garlic, mint and chilli. This dish works particularly well with heirloom tomatoes, which contain more flesh than seeds since the halves are pan-fried. A colorful variety will add even more sparkle to the plate.

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Tomato salad with yogurt and pita chips. “In this salad, the variety of textures lets you fish bite after bite,” says recipe developer Ali Slagle, who is behind several other recipes in this roundup. “Plump tomatoes meet soft dollops of yogurt, plus the kind of crispy, soggy pita that’s adored in fattoush.”

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Thai pickled tomatoes and cucumbers. Fish sauce and red pepper flakes (or fresh peppers) are all you need to spice up and balance out the flavors of the tomatoes. Aim for a mix of colors and sizes.

Panzanella with summer tomatoes. You can’t talk about tomato salad without mentioning the beautiful Italian panzanella, made with torn pieces of bread. Salting the tomatoes yields flavorful juices that form the base of the vinaigrette.

Roasted mushroom, tomato and herb salad. You’ll need two pints of tomatoes for this ground herb-laden salad with the earthy flavor of roasted mushrooms.

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Tomato and tofu salad. Roasted tofu cubes and chopped cashews put this salad firmly in the main course category. Onions, ginger juice and lemon juice add just the right amount of sharpness.

Tomato and watermelon salad. This dish features heirloom tomatoes along with the summer staple watermelon. The combination is simply seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, feta and pine nuts.

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